A New FIFA Player-Comparison Site

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FIFA can be a complicated, high-stakes game. Choosing the right players for your squad is difficult and complex, and ultimately critical for success. You want to make these decisions with as much data as possible, especially when you're dealing with players outside of the top ~300. Ideally, all this data would be in one place.


FUT Head and similar player databases, these traditional database-type sites are limited in three main ways: in their ability to (1) provide insight into players with whom you're not totally familiar and (2) compare players head to head, and (3) filter and sort based on ANY in-game data (e.g. FUT card type, specialties/traits, Pace rating).


Bgroky have been building a FIFA player-comparison site(http://fifa-player-ratings.findthebest.com) for the past two months. He recently launched Version 1.




What can you do on the site?


View comprehensive information about a specific player in intuitive visualizations.

View interactive data that compares a player to others of his position type.

Compare any number of players in specific side-by-side comparison pages.

Sort and filter comprehensive data using any in-game characteristic (e.g. card type, traits/specialties, attribute ratings).

Create your own graphs with massive data set.


5 ways this site is better than FUT Head, etc.


1. In-depth player comparisons

Compare players to all other players of that position (e.g. Landon Donovan vs. the average forward)

Compare players based on rankings (overall, rank within position type, or rank within specific position)

Compare players based on percentile within a certain attribute (e.g. Messi is in the top 5% for Pace, but is average in Physical)

Compare as many players as you'd like on specifically-designed side-by-side comparison pages


2. Unique insights derived from statistical analyses and personally-crafted in-depth player descriptions

E.g. Compared to all other players, how good is Thiago Silva's slide tackling? (Answer: Really Good)

See individualized write-ups on EVERY player that highlight their respective abilities and shortcomings and connect these to in-game implications


3. Better visuals/presentation of data

E.g. See how positional changes affect a player's on-field chemistry rating (e.g. If Jermaine Jones can't play CDM, where should he play?)


4. Additional player descriptions beyond "traits" and "specialties" that will help you better understand the abilities/limitations of lesser-known players


5. Helpful explanations of how traits, specialties, and other FIFA terms are derived (e.g. What mix of attributes determines a player's SHO rating?)


There are a few things didn't include in the site. Most significantly: TOTW/POTW information and FUT market pricing. 


Last Bgroky want to know: What could be improved? Would you like to see this included in version 2?


I told him my thoughts:


1. special cards (IFs, TOTY, MOTMs) is a huge must (I saw you mentioned that in your OP but just wanted to confirm for you).


2. a pricing feature is only helpful if its in real time, like FUTBIN is. Futhead prices are never accurate because they are so delayed. I would almost say don't worry too much about implementing this feature because FUTBIN does such a good job with it already and I know a lot of people including myself use it exclusively for checking prices since its established itself as the most reliable and up to date.


3. love the text analysis when comparing two players. very helpful -- well done!


4. it might be helpful if, when hovering over the players' playing styles (traits, archetypes, specialties) if it gave an explanation of what they actually mean. That is, if EA does have actual definitions of those traits out there somewhere -- if not, disregard this.


5. another feature that could be really helpful (and I don't know if this would be getting too complex) would be to add the ability to choose a specific position to compare and analyze the 2 (or more) players against. Basically which player is most effective at _____ position. So for example, if I was trying to decide between Matuidi, Yaya, or Melo for my CDM spot specifically, the site would give me a breakdown of how they measure up for all stats that are the most relevant for CDMs such as interceptions, marking, standing and sliding tackle, strength, etc. etc. And then maybe add a text analysis of why one player would be more effective at CDM than the other(s). I guess it would be like a more specific and expanded "Smart Rating" comparison for the position of my choosing. Does this make sense?


6. the depth of the filters on the left hand side of the player search page are awesome! the only thing is the scrolling is a little confusing if I am in the middle of the player search results, I have to scroll all the way up to the top of the player search results to be able to scroll up on the filters. Maybe adding a separate scroll bar for the filters would help out with that.


7. On the player search page I'd say you could probably afford to make the player pictures a bit smaller so that there doesn't have to be so much white space between the results -- that way more results can fit on the page at one time and also it might make it look a bit tidier.


8. last thing I can think of for now is the ability to filter by multiple card/in-game stats. basically like FUThead's sort bot, but maybe not limited to just 4 slots? if possible maybe stats could be added to the filters on the left hand page?


I'm going to spend more time on the site and will keep reporting back if I have more ideas/suggestions.

All in all, though, its an incredibly powerful tool and very well-thought out. Definitely will be adding this to my bookmarks and look forward to seeing the updates! Again -- awesome job!