Elgacia Continent Arrives at Lost Ark Korea, New Trailer

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East April 27, Korean version of the lost ark will open the doors of the continent Elgaciawith a massive update that will evolve the entire Lost Ark world and, in particular, add a new high-level abyssal dungeon.

Yesterday, Amazon Games implemented the update "The Battle for the Throne of Chaos" on the western Lost Ark servers, thus adding the new Gujista class and opening the doors to a new continent, South Bern.



According to SmileGate, the continent of Elgacia presents itself as a sacred territory formed by flying islands. Where the Lazenis originate, this winged town was created in the origins of the world by the gods. However, for having participated in a war, the Lazenis were deprived of their wings (to blend with humans), except for a chosen few who could keep their wings to watch over the world from the sacred continent Elgacia.


According to the developer, this update marks a significant turning point in the Lost Ark story: the update is meant to conclude with Lost Ark Season 2.

The new continent Elgacia is intended for high-level characters (the developer mentions an equipment level of 1460 )



It is the garden of God' Garden of Hestera', which preserves the original nature.


It is said that the Garden of Hestera'with a beautiful view is the land of the blessings of the seven gods.

'The flower garden of Aldebaran' where various flowers bloom and the Arcturus Land'where jewels flourish, full of nostalgic floral aromas…



With its unique and differentiated vegetation, this place is different from Arkesia.



The 'Mount Philenissos' is sacred to all Razenis.


The'Mount Philenissos' It's the only way to 'Kayangel,' the Shrine of Light. That is why visiting the mountain requires permission from the Swords of Razenith, and the entire mountain is filled with guards who guard the Sanctuary. 



Abyssal Dungeon, Kayangel


Presented as the Sanctuary of light created by the gods, you will need a gear level of 1475to to be able to enter. According to SmileGate, the dungeon will be available in various difficulty levels, Normal with an Item Level of 1475 and Hard between 1520-1580 Item Level.


  • Hard Difficulty I: Item level 1520 or higher
  • Hard Difficulty II: Item level 1560 or higher
  • Hard Difficulty III: Item level 1580 or higher



Added Ability Stone Advancement next to Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon.

In the images below, you can see the level of the established item, and it can be updated with10 "Light of Contemplation" and Lost Ark Gold.


In this Abyssal Dungeon, you can get a contemplative Light Material (name to be confirmed). Such material will be able to upgrade the equipment's set level to Lv3.

The primary effect HP and bonus HP will increase when you upgrade a skill stone.


However, keep in mind that even if you were to upgrade, the engraving effect on the Ability Stone would not change. Also, by upgrading Ability Stone, you can upgrade to a total of 4 stages.


A different skill stone promotion material is used for each stage, and promotion is only possible when the appropriate item level for each step has been reached.


  • Strict Stone Promo I: Spear of Light 
  • Stone of Strict II Promotion: Ask for Crystal
  • When promoted to Stone III: Orb of Brilliance
  • Hardstone Promo IV: Book of Judgment


In South Korea, the continent of Elgacia will be released on April 27. A date for the West has not yet been announced, but Amazon Games still has a series of content to integrate into its version of the MMORPG and several bugs to correct.



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