Enjoy Many Game Modes Of Madden NFL 18

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The 98th NFL season begins on Thursday, but the kickoff has already been launched on consoles. Electronic Arts has released its famous American football simulation every year, hoping to continue its series of completed passes. Because even if the competition is not really there, Madden NFL 18 and its headliner Tom Brady must continue the technical progress of the previous opus, under penalty of being intercepted. The opportunity to see if this new edition is up to the height of the Patriots quarterback.



Beyond the massive transfers of Neymar and Mbappe, next to Kyrie Irving's trade in Boston, there is a sport that does not enjoy the same popularity as football and the NBA in France. On the small French screens, American football is crushed by its two partners, especially when talking about video games. Yet he remains extremely famous across the Atlantic, proud of his reputation as a favorite sport of Americans. And even if it is behind in sales in France compared to FIFA and NBA 2K, fans of NFL can rejoice: Madden rarely disappoints, and offers each season a provided and technical game.




When it comes to setting the mood, EA Tiburon knows how to do it. The result is really shockingly realistic about the form, and Madden NFL 18 matches are almost confused with some television broadcasts. Score, yards to be scanned or statistics entered in the game, everything is at the service of immersion, starting with the Frosbite Engine. Used by the new FIFA versions, the engine was a great absent of Madden NFL 17 but finally enters the field, for the happiness of the eyes. The stadiums, light games, players, are faithfully modeled and graphically hang Madden at the top of sports simulations.


The requirement is the same at the gameplay level, but on that the Californian studio did not really take a risk. Indeed, even if some features have been added like the manual passes, the mechanisms of game have not frankly evolved, and that is much better. The movements and passes are as accurate as last year, and the gameplay is fully customizable. In terms of gameplay first, whether one is looking for spectacularity or simulation, and in terms of level afterwards, whether one is adept at the franchise or not. Madden adapts to the player, not the other way around. Moreover, for novices, a tutorial well arranged is available to know the rules and orders. A good point to attract new heads... Anglo-Saxon at least. Because the game still suffers from an English version full, a bit offset on the French scene if it wants to open up to a greater number.




The other major novelty of this opus is the story-mode adopted by Madden. Named Longshot, it puts you in the shoes of the young Quaterback Devin Wade, ready to show his talents to the Regional Combine to hope to become professional. Accompanied by his best friend Colt Cruise, Wide Receiver, Wade will discover another way to tap the eye of franchises: the Longshot television show.


A Telltale story is much more malicious than it seems, because the different choices in terms of dialogues or the successes in the sequences of QTE are very important for the hero but also for the future of his sidekick. So every decision and performance comes in a Scouting Report that defines your IQ football and scores you out of 10. Additionally, you can only admire the opposite of the adventure, far from the agreed stories of the young wolf who pierces only by conventional detections. But where the Devin Wade journey also differs from adventures like that of Alex Hunter on FIFA, it is in the construction of his rhythm. Because if you were waiting to make a dozen full games with your protected, go your way. The narrative part of Longshot takes precedence over the gameplay phases, causing the mode to be decided with the rest of the content. However, this addition pays off and manages to add a little depth and humanity to the soft golgoths. It must be said that the Frosbite engine goes in this direction, as is the writing of most of the characters often endearing. Special mention to the presence of Mahershala Ali, the Oscar-winning actor who plays the role of Wade's father.





Next to the Longshot, one finds the sure values of Madden, starting with the Franchise mode. Similar to any career mode, it embodies the owner, the head coach or simply a player to chain the seasons and successes. A colossal life, but not really evolution compared to the last opus. Still as solid, it is always possible to compete against a friend online in cloud gaming. But the master mode is the inevitable Ultimate Team, which has been deepened for this year. Besides the many challenges against AI, one can now make seasons online, enjoy the draft mode or qualify for the MUT champions. Even adventure stars Devin Wade, Colt Cruise and other protagonists add to the cards to be acquired. In short, it takes an incalculable number of hours to enjoy 100% of the Madden experience.




And this MUT adds an extra notch with its quest for versatility. Released since 2013 and Madden NFL 25, the co-op online returns with the "MUT Squads". One of the defects of online franchise mode is that they can not play in the same team with a mate, MUT corrects the shot with this possibility in 3 against 3: one controls the head coach while the others are captain offensive and defensive. But do not be mistaken, everyone is not limited to this main role, and everybody plays a player on the field in every offensive and defensive phase. Great moments to live with several, whether by receiving a pass from his fellow or during a sack performed three on the quarterback. It is regrettable, however, that this possibility of co-op is only in Ultimate Team.


You will understand, the content proposed by this new vintage is provided as the size of an NFL franchise. Added to this are regular updates specific to the series. For the rosters of course, but also for the famous comments of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis who adapt to the season of the IRL. A second step towards total immersion.


The Madden franchise is like a strong NFL team. Every year, she follows the successful passes and races to progress on the field. And more than just a progression, it succeeds every season the touchdown. Madden NFL 18 does not deviate from the rule and consolidates its bases while bringing new features to its roster. Immersion is then favored by the new Frosbite engine, with faces much more convincing than usual. Blessed bread for the Longshot Adventure mode, which proves to be a narrative success, but especially for the gargantuan content of this new iteration. Add to this an impeccable technique to get a simulation as grand as the Super Bowl halftime show. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on madden-store.com which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of cheap mut 18 coins for sale online.