FIFA 15 Fans are Driven Crazy by the FUT 15 Issues

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/11/14 05:55:04 Views: 1336

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team received a new update on October 27 for Android and iOS devices, but it was plagued with problems from the start. Fans reported difficulties using the app, which should have been fixed since the complaints first began. Unfortunately, it appears users are still experiencing problems, as a new group of users took to the Google Play Store, or wrote emails to EA, in anger towards the persistent problems plaguing the game, reports Phones Review.

One user reported that his downloaded FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app was consistently crashing after connecting to Facebook. Another said they experienced a similar crash, but they only had to load up the home page on the application before the entire thing crashed to the ground before them. And another user said when they select “tap to continue” they are able to use the app for a moment before experiencing a crash.

These types of complaints are echoed across the Google Play store, where fans are growing tired of waiting on an update from EA. In a more worrisome issue with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, a user reported purchasing FIFA points using their credit card. The payment went through just fine, but the points were never added to his account whatsoever. He paid for a figment of his imagination with real, hard-earned money.

Lastly, another user reported their entire account being deleted thanks to the app once he logged in to Facebook using his mobile device. Disconnections are becoming a regular occurrence, too, and EA has not released a statement detailing what or when they intend to fix within the application.

If you’re finding yourself having trouble with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, it’s highly suggested to email EA, or check the Google Play store in hopes of finding a fix from another user. EA is notorious for releasing buggy products, but they tend to fix them after release, even if it does take a few months.