FIFA 15 Green Player Cards Available Now in St. Patrick’s Day

fifa15-coin Date: Mar/18/15 03:21:25 Views: 517

Today, the Irish descent around the world and the Irish football player are also demonstrating their excellent performance in the clubs. To celebrate the Irish National Day, EA release a whole new green card, which are beautiful and attractive. 

Now, you have chance to get these green player cards through GOLD PACKS-JUMBO PREMIUM GOLD PACK and PROMO PACKS-MAGE PACK. While, you need to know that EA didn’t improve the attribute of these green cards. Even then, we still can find cheap and useful player card. 

Such as the Irish Captain Robbie Keane, he is a comprehensive attacking player who has fast speed and good technique. In the FIFA 15, he has powerful energy, speed and good shooting skill which makes him can apply to any FIFA 15 formation. And, his buy now price is so cheap! Such a wonderful player you can have a try.

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