FIFA 15 is Better than FIFA 14

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According to the recent FIFA 15 sales, we find that FIFA 15 sales are larger than that of FIFA14. This means that FIFA 15 is more attractive than FIFA 14 last year. Why are the players crazy about FIFA 15?

First and foremost would be the graphics. FIFA 15 definitely triumphs over it's predecessor here. Although the standard game view doesn't show much difference, it's during the replays and moments when the ball is out of play, that you notice just how far EA has gone with graphics for FIFA 15. Right from the breathing of players, movement of their hair and messing up of their jerseys, it's all there. All these little but important details are not present in FIFA 14.

Passing and movement
In FIFA 14, the movement of players seemed somewhat restricted and tough, like players were tied to heavy chains but all of that has been changed in FIFA 15. The movements of players are more fluid and realistic. The controls don't feel restricted and movement becomes easier in the game, allowing us to do so much more. Coupled with this is the improvement in passing, which feels crisp and accurate, and more realistic than ever before.

Skills and dribbling
EA has also put in a lot of work for in skills and dribbling in the game. In FIFA 15, you can now do so much in terms of dribbling skills. More Players can do more impressive tricks and manoeuvre through defences with better dribbling abilities. The dribbling feels realistic and is better than how it was in FIFA 14. Plus, there is a whole plethora of skills that players can unleash as they rip through differences.

Goalkeepers are sent by god
While some may argue that increased difficulty in scoring goals is not an improvement to FIFA 14, if you are on the receiving end, it's something you'll be thankful for. Goalkeepers being good at what they can do usually make for exciting close-contested games and a 5-0 thrashing even more worthwhile. It's not impossible to score; it's just a refreshing challenge when you know that just getting behind defenders doesn't mean that all your work is done.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
EA's marquee micro-transaction mode, Ultimate Team, has also been improved in FIFA 15. For those who still don't know, In this mode, gamers buy packs of cards that have various players to improve their team, either with real cash or in-game currency. FIFA 15 does a stellar job of laying out the intricate details of this mode and explaining them much better than how it was done in FIFA 14. Furthermore, Ultimate team now has the option of loaning players right at the beginning of your 1st season where you can bring in ‘gold bag' players for spell of few matches to win some tough games. And now, we can even use legacy defending during seasons and other modes unlike in FIFA 14. The reasons why the users to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode increase is:

1. The legendary players are added.
2. Diversity tactics in the game.
3. With the coins demand increasing, business rises. 
4. EA released Web App FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, to makes users easier purchase FIFA players through their accounts.  Recently, there are 15K packs to be launched.
5. There are more chances to gain rare players, to make players need more Coins and Points.

Compared with FIFA 14, FIFA 15 attracts a growing number of online gamers day after day.