FIFA 15: Man Utd join league rivals Arsenal and Chelsea

fifa15-coin Date: Jul/24/15 14:40:16 Views: 1362

The list of players joining and leaving the Premier League's biggest clubs continues to grow and with it the big changes shaping the squads in FIFA 16.

The new football title launches September 22 and will include all the moves and finished squads from the manic summer window.

Publisher EA have already commenced moving players from their old squads to their new ones. Over the course of the next few months, as player transfers are approved in the real-world they will make those same changes in FIFA Ultimate Team.


EA say they will make these changes as quickly as possible and have warned to expect multiple updates throughout July and August, downtime has already set several time since this announcement was made.

However, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team fans should note that these changes only apply to new items found in packs. If you obtained a player item prior to their transfer, their item will not change while in your collection.

So many fans will start to see two different sets of Petr Cech cards, one for Arsenal, who he joined July 1, and one for Chelsea.

The full list of Transfer updates on FUT have been listed by EA and can be checked out below but expect a lot more moves ahead of the close of the Premier League transfer window on Tuesday 1 September at 18:00 BST.