FIFA 15 New Year's Open FUT Tournament

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FIFA 15 has made a big marketing push in time for Christmas. And EA Sports also wants to make New Year's Day a good time to enjoy the title both offline and online.

The official Twitter account of the company announces that they are preparing an open tournament which will take place both online and offline and will offer some solid rewards for players who are ready to play a few matches.


FUT Tournament

Date: 6pm (UK) December 29 – 6pm (UK) January 5 2015
Reward for On line: Untradeable Mega Pack
5,000 coins in future wins
Reward for Single Player: Untradeable Rare Gold Pack
3,500 coins in future wins
Difficulty (Single Player): Professional
Entry Requirements: No entry requirements

How they work?

You can play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tournaments in single player mode or on line.

For both modes, tournaments are played in 16-team knock-out format with drawn games going to extra time and penalties. The team that wins goes through to the next round whilst the team that loses gets knocked out. You need to win the four rounds to get the cup. The only difference between single player and on line mode is against who you play: computer-controlled teams in the first case; other on line players, in the second one.

Each tournament has a reward to the winners. Most of the tournaments also have entry requirements. One of these requirements is the number of cups won.

Will you be taking part in the FIFA 15 New Year's Open FUT tournament?