FIFA 15 on mobile will no longer see a new release every year

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/12/15 23:34:55 Views: 1334

The FIFA series will no longer see annual releases on mobile devices, opting for a single continuously updated app starting this September.

Now simply known as EA SPORTS FIFA, the free-to-play app will take an "evergreen" approach where users will receive each year's update without a new download.

As well as an annual update with new rosters and features, the developer will also provide smaller, more regular updates every six to eight weeks based on user requests and feedback.



As well as the benefit of not having to download a new app every 12 months, players will benefit by holding onto their items from one season to the next, according to EA.

"When you download the free game, you can play it as much as you like," product manager Lucian Cotreanti told Digital Spy at gamescom.

"It's not about downloading a new one then a new one each year. It's also easier for us to engage with our users in this way, because we get a huge amount of installs coming to the game each year; then each September, we would reset and start over and start communicating the new experience to everyone."

Coinciding with the evergreen approach is that FIFA on mobile will become more like a "live service", with events happening on a weekly, daily and monthly basis linked to the real game.

For example, if a team wins 3-0 over their rival, then players are challenged to replicate that, and receive bonuses for doing so.

As well as new service features, the new EA SPORTS FIFA will use the 'Gen 3' engine as seen in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, paving the way for features only previously seen on console, including more realistic visuals with authentic-looking players, smarter intelligence for attacking and defending and post-goal player celebrations.

With the engine taking advantage of higher-end devices - on iOS, it's set to be compatible with an iPhone 5S and up - EA will also update the current FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game with the latest rosters so everyone can continue playing.



"Users will get all the new kits and balls from the new season of football, so that the game will also be up to date," Cotreanti said.

"[EA SPORTS FIFA] is going to be the aspirational game, but if you don't have a device that can run this one, the other one is going to be as up-to-date a football experience as possible."

Last year's FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on mobile saw a heavier focus on the player-collecting game mode after it saw 80% of users play just two modes.

In this year's game, it will introduce the added feature of being able to exchange unwanted players for new, random ones.

FIFA 16 Mobile will be available on iOS and Android as a free download on September 22, but is currently available in soft launch in the Canadian App Store. 

The console versions will release on the same day, and feature balance updates across the pitch and a new Ultimate Team mode.