FIFA 15: Pink FUT In-Form Cards

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EA Sports game developers offered fans the chance to vote in the first edition of the FIFA 15 Futties awards. There were 10 categories that could be voted for, celebrating the best players in FUT. The official announcement explains that “Nominated players have no more than two special in-form items already (upgrades excluded) and are only eligible for one category each. It's down to you to decide who wins each category.”

Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge was found to be the top scorer in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with over 80 million goals scored in total but fans have a total of ten categories to look at while making their pick. For instance, fans could vote on the longshots category which features the likes of United's Rooney and City ace, Aleksandar Kolarov.

Voting closed on July 12th in the UK. Below are the 10 categories that are up for grabs:

1 – In for the Safe Hands

2 – In for the Tackles

3 – In for the Skills

4 – In for the Longshots

5 – In for the Headers

6 – In for the Leadership

7 – In for the Weak Foot

8 – Out of position

9 – Perfect Link

10 – In for the Pace

Earlier today, EA released the first community-voted IFs. These FUTTIES make special focus on attackers and midfielders with scoring potential and with no defenders in sight. Twelve players were announced  as winners for the FIFA 15 community vote. The official EA Sports announcement displays these winners:


FIFA 15 pink cards



Lloris at 88 overall rating


Yaya Toure at 90, Quaresma with an 84 rating, Ronaldinho rated at 82, Eriksen at 88, Bale with a rating of 90, Gundogan evaluated at 85, and Reus at 88


Sturridge at 85, Doumbia with a rating of 84, Cavani and Rooney, both with ratings at 90.

At the moment, we are unsure if EA intends on releasing further IF pink players for Ultimate Team or this concludes the FIFA 15 FUTTIES

It is unclear whether EA Sports has plans to introduce more in-form pink players for Ultimate Team in the coming weeks or if only the winners of the Futties will be delivered in this way. From the looks of things, we could be expecting another release next week Wednesday at 6 PM.

Still no details about how the mode will work in FIFA 16

Ultimate Team has emerged as the most engaging of the modes included in the football sim over the past few years, but the development team is not yet willing to say how it will evolve for the coming installment.

The core features of FIFA 16 are updated with more options for defensive players, including a team-based set of moves, better options for passing in midfield and more shot options plus no touch dribbling for attackers. Click here for video 

The Ultimate Team experience is set to be more secure, with the team trying to make sure that gamers are not affected by attacks, and more balanced, with a variety of players offered to make sure that there are plenty of ways to build a competitive team.

FIFA 16 will be launched on September 22 in North America and can be best enjoyed on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Older home consoles will get access to Legacy versions that will not have some of the core features of the sim.