FIFA 15 Player Review - Cristiano Ronaldo

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/25/14 04:43:18 Views: 2040

Cristiano RonaldoNow before I start I know what the comments are gonna say "we'll never afford him so what's the point" and I understand that. But if I'm trying to review the best players in the game I'd be dumb not to include Ronaldo.

Last year his acceleration was his only flaw but that's not the case this year. He gets to his top speed in no time and when he hits his stride there's not one defender in the game that will catch up. He feels like Theo Walcott with a jet pack.

As smooth as the Dos Equis guy. He's the second best dribbler I've used only behind Messi. His ridiculous ball control is equally matched with his insane agility to make him the perfect dribbler. You may think his balance can be a flaw but I assure you I've had no issue with his balance, it actually feels pretty good. And of course the 5* skills and in the words of Itani "his scoop turns are so OP"

Best longshot in the game. You press circle and he scores no matter how far out. The power behind his shots is enough to take down the Great Wall of china. All his shots are ridiculously accurate as well. Aim towards a corner and he'll score it every time. Finesse shots are a thing of beauty and 95 finishing makes him just as good inside the box as outside. Good free kicks (although I prefer messi's) and 4* weakfoot to top it off.

Passing- If you're using ronaldo chances are you aren't looking to ever pass the ball but he has very accurate crossing and short passes. He gets the job done if you're using him as a winger. 

If you use him at lm you're wasting the best player in the game.

Physical- 79 strength feels more like 90. He rarely if ever gets pushed off the ball. His pace matched with his strength makes him unstoppable while running at full speed. Also he is the best player I've used in the air. Not best winger but best overall. Headers seem patched but if you cross it into him it feels like fifa 14 all over again.

Something I missed- I used him at lw and lf and he was fantastic but he feels best at striker with 7 chem. You won't find a player in the game that will score you more goals than ronaldo at striker.

Ronaldo is simply perfect. There isn't one flaw in this card. Messi is amazing and is deffinetly the second best card in the game but ronaldo is on his own planet. I hope you guys can loan him because he is truly special to play with.

He is worth
He's going for about 4 million on PS4 and although he's amazing that's too many coins for one card. Think about it this way: Neymar is considered an expensive card but you can make a full team of 11 neymars and that still wouldn't be enough for Ronaldo.