FIFA 15 Player Review - Lionel Messi

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/25/14 04:59:59 Views: 1783

Lionel MessiLionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are my favorite FIFA player. Before I start I realize <1% of you will be able to afford Messi.

Every year of FIFA I get excited to try out messi only to be let down. He's never as dominant in the game as he is in real life. But this year with dribbling and pace being king can messi finally live up to his price tag?

He has the best acceleration I've used on a player. His first step puts him behind a defender and he hits his top speed (which is insane as well) in about 2 steps.

He's the best dribbler in the game. His ball control, agility, and balance are all above 94. L2+R2 dribbling is a cheat code with Messi as he glides through the defense like he's Peter Pan. But the best thing about this stat is his agility. While on the ball he can turn on a dime and change direction before the defender can even move. Also 4* skills to top that all off.

Guess what, he's also the best finisher I've used. Inside the box messi is superb and put it away every single time. Between the keepers legs, near post, upper 90 it doesn't matter he finds a way to score. Finesse shots are as crisp as an apple both inside and outside the box (also has the finesse shot trait). And his power shot that says only 80 is an absolute lie, feels more like 90. Another thing is his free kicks which are awesome due to their accuracy and curve. The only weakness in this category is his weak foot, but honestly after his getting used to him his weakfoot isn't even a problem for me because with his dribbling its incredibly easy to get it on that left foot.

As a striker you won't find many better passers of the ball. The trio of Di maria, tevez, and messi was awesome mainly due to their link up play. With 90 vision he is able to see his teammates making runs and provide excellent service.

Physical, his balance makes him feel a bit stronger on the ball but if he's going shoulder to shoulder with a defender he is very weak. But we expected that from messi. In the air he is actually pretty decent. He is 5'6 so don't expect a lot but he'll win you the occasional header.

Something I missed- His M/L workrates tend to make him drop a little behind the striker but I actually like this. He takes it up from his position and just dribbles past the entire defense.

There are two weaknesses in Messi and that's his weakfoot and strength. Everything else is absolutely phenomenal. Pace, dribbling, shooting, and even passing are next level with him. Finally EA made him play like he does in real life. He is the best player I've used so far and I don't know if ronaldo or anyone else will be able to top him.

He is worth
Despite being a cheat code in the game, no player is worth 2+ million. If he was half of that then I'd say yes.