FIFA 15 Team of the Week Features Gerard, More

fifa15-coin Date: Jul/23/15 23:46:47 Views: 1260

Video game developer EA Sports is ready to deliver another Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 15, allowing gamers to get access to some solid players that can upgrade their own starting elevens.

As in the past few weeks, the number of huge stars is relatively limited by the fact that the big championships of Europe are at the moment in their summer break, with the studio working hard to implement all transfers in the game as soon as possible.

The attacking line of the new Team of the Week is made up of Arzuaga, Shatov and Cavenaghi, all unsurprising players.

In midfield, FIFA 15 players can count on some solid help: Steven Gerard, who is now playing in the Major League Soccer and is rated at 83, as well as Ayala, Furman, and Alex Teixeira.

The back line is made up of three players: Srna, Orozco and Shishkin.



The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Guilherme.

FIFA 15 fans can also pick up seven substitutes that will probably add little overall new value to their own teams.

FIFA 16 will deliver Ultimate Team details before the start of Gamescom

The development team at EA Sports has suggested that it will deliver more information about the most popular game mode before the start of the gaming event in Cologne, Germany.

A first look at an item for Ultimate Team in FIFA 16 has been shown during the presentation of the newly announced partnership with Real Madrid.

The coming simulation is designed to use the power of current-gen consoles to deliver an improved set of mechanics and visuals.

Gamers will have more options on the defensive, including more ways to use their entire team to stop an attack, and new ways to deliver killer passes to their teammates.

All players can now use a new no touch dribbling technique that is inspired by the moves of Lionel Messi and there are new ways to deliver shots on goal.

FIFA 16 will be launched on the PC, the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony on September 22 in the United States and two days later in Europe.

For older consoles, the company is planning to deliver Legacy versions.