FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Flaws

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FIFA 15 received positive reviews across all platforms. According to EA, in 2014, roughly 542,000 transfers are listed per hour, with 11,000 matches played each day. But, in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, there are some points that annoy me as well as other gamers.

Not enough money

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a footballing stock market and those who have the know-how can thrive. It is really hard to win a meaningful amount of coins, and sadly most of us don't know the dodgy dealing loopholes that has made the game downright unfair for honest gamers. EA needs to offer a means of more bonuses for exceptional play and individual skill, instead of users searching the web for convoluted ways to hustle a small handful of coins. With that said, I think it's pretty cool to plan a dream team with the newly integrated Concept Squad feature.

Packs are garbage

Alright, opening packs were once a fond experience for us all, now it has become quite boring and typically annoying when you get the same players. Most times we are disappointed by the quality players, packs are just hit and miss, mostly miss. IF you don't have the money, you'll never get a half-decent striker for your squad either. Let me be fair, you'll eventually get great players (if you stick around playing FUT long enough), but expect to have a lighter piggy. I'd say it is better to enter the transfer market to build your team with affordable players with high chemistry, rather than having one or two big name stars.

Development barrier

Here's a disclaimer: Ultimate Team is amazing. But! It has become a bit repetitive? No doubt the FIFA sales have soared for EA, but, with the exception of Concept Squads and loan players, it's basically the same component as FIFA 14. Where does EA plan to develop Ultimate Team? Do you have any suggestions? Wouldn't it be interesting to add your Pro Player to your Squad? Just a thought.

It's a rip-off 

IF I had the money to waste, I would buy a couple million coins and you know – Build "THE" Dream Team. Sadly, life doesn't work like that, and EA is gaining a huge profit margin from players purchasing coins. FIFA has become like an app, if you want more, PAY more, and it's just not fair to consumers. I already purchase a new copy of FIFA each year, so why does EA want to suck more money out of my pockets? Greed! The franchise should make a standalone FUT game that way most of us won't be fooled into spending more money. Just a suggestion, play Manager Mode, it's much easier to build a dream squad if you start using Real Madrid.

EA server issues


EA Servers

EA is continually having problems with their servers. Whenever the servers are down, I instantly go to Down Detector to check how many other people are experiencing the same problem. Often times, there are people fuming, similarly to how I am right now. I ran across some funny tweets regarding the same issue, "EA Servers going down easier than Ronaldo inside the penalty area." There was another gamer expressed their disappointment, "I was halfway through a game on FIFA 15 and the EA servers go down, so not happy."

Over the Christmas holidays, FIFA 15 players were disgruntled that the servers were down. However, EA has not found a way to give gamers just compensation. EA Sports FIFA has been working with Sony and Microsoft to resolve these issues, but when will it stop?



How can the game be improved?