FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Market Crash

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The Market Crash is a term used to describe the period between Mid-December to Mid-January, in which the price of almost every item on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team market will come crashing down due to a much large supply of cards than demand for them. Now you may be asking, why does the Market Crash takes place? Let me explain.

1. Around Christmas, kids regularly are given presents such as PSN cards, XBL codes or money to purchase such things in order for them to buy packs. At the same time, many people will only just be getting FIFA and starting up new Ultimate Teams and wanting to open packs to give them a kick start in the game. Thus because such a large amount of packs are being opened, the market becomes flooded with many, many more cards than usual, causing prices to drop so that people can get rid of those cards. 

2. TOTY packs released during the second week of January. During this time, huge amounts of Ultimate Team users open packs to try and obtain the rarest of players in Ultimate Team which will go for extautionate amounts of coins. The players that people don't want to keep will be released onto the market, again causing a flooding effect and again causing prices to drop. 

During the release of TOTY, any members of the squad with TOTY Cards will NOT have their regular cards in packs, so these players will most likely drop a little in price before TOTY is announced and people start buying them up and spiking their prices to try and make a profit while their regular cards are out of packs. This can be a great way to make coins but also quite volatile as players can rise in price and then miss out on TOTY and DROP SIGNIFICANTLY in price. If you're a bit of a risk taker, this might be a good method for you to try, but if you want to secure your coins and minimise your loss...





Market Crash Trading Tips FUT 15

1. Buy a lot of quality chemistry styles: all chemistry styles will be very cheap, because a lot of people will sell them during the Market Crash. I am going to take over a lot of them, because when the TOTY is out of packs, prices will rise and you can make some nice profit on these chemistry styles.

2. Purchases lots of shiny gold contracts: I think they will be really cheap (roughly 250 coins). They will come out handy, because they are no.1 need for every FUT 15 squad!

3. Use the 59th trading method when the TOTY players are in packs – a lot of players will be put on the market on the 59th minute and therefore, I think you can find some bargains.

In this video, Toby Leighton explains how this method works.


4. Last but not least: Buy your squad when the whole TOTY is in packs. At that moment, the prices will be very low and then you can create your dream squad for cheap.

I hope this post will help you out during the market crash! Happy New Year!