FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 which is better, this Christmas May Give You Answer

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The two footballing giants. After decades of footballing games only two remain.

FIFA has long prided itself on its authenticity. Authenticity to the televisual experience that is, not to the actual playing of football. Everything about FIFA 15 oozes the stuff, from the camera angles to the replays, presentation, and even the cameramen hanging out by the pitch. Those official licenses mean this is the one stop shop for footie fans, and when FIFA's firing on all cylinders it's akin to Thierry Henry in his prime. Its physics engine is nearly verging on perfection, with players tumbling each other and the ball given some real heft.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 takes a different tack, offering up a grittier, lower-budget football experience that promises to stay true to the sport's roots. Whereas FIFA's the showboating Neymar, PES 2015 is the workhorse; the Tevez, Milner, or Alexis of a team. Movement is more precise, you can achieve a lot more with a lot less, using feints and deft touches that are far more realistic than FIFA's outlandish stunts. The AI is also top-notch, not just for the opposite team for your AI buddies too, providing thoughtful runs and swift cover akin to a real match.

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Then, unexpectedly, the pendulum swung back to FIFA following the absolutely incredible FIFA 09, starting this period of dominance which has seen EA Sports' title light up the charts, year in, year out. This time around the two are stronger and more closely matched than ever before, delivering sterling games of football, but which side of the fence do you fall on? Of course, I support the FIFA 15.

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FIFA 15 VS PES 2015