FIFA 16: Breaking Down Regional Covers and Newest Features

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/26/15 23:27:38 Views: 1601

FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi is again the face of the FIFA video game series. He will appear on the cover of the game for the fourth year in a row, but he'll have some company.

There's a total of eight regional covers set to be available with FIFA 16 when the game releases on Sept. 22 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For the first time, women will be represented in the game.   

Because of this, they will be on three of the eight covers, including the cover of the United States version. Here's a look at three of the covers: 



FUT Draft

FIFA will introduce an exciting new game mode to its feature set this year called FIFA Ultimate Team Draft. It's similar to Draft Champions in Madden 16. Gamers are charged with building a squad of five players at each position from the entire Ultimate Team database.

Your team will compete in four matches on or offline to win a reward. As you progress, the rewards will grow. It's a cool way to get the best players in the FUT universe in the hands of gamers who may not have acquired the Messis and Cristiano Ronaldos of the world through traditional Ultimate Team play.

It's also a quick-play option that could become addictive.



New Stadiums

There are 78 total stadiums available in FIFA 16. Of those, 50 are licensed, and nine of them are new to the series. Per EA Sports, here's a list of them with the new ones labeled

Of the new stadiums included, the one that looks the most stunning is Stade Velodrome (Olympique de Marseille, Ligue 1). It looks regal and modern.