FIFA 16 Closed Beta; Starting Date, Games Modes, Invite Process

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/03/15 14:30:18 Views: 1275

EA Sports started sending FIFA 16 Closed Beta invites to select FIFA 15 players last month, players are asked to participate in the beta on August 13.

There is still sometime before we jump-in to the beta, so today we’ll try and explain every detail about the beta that you should know before it starts.

First-off the beta is being held in order to test the game and allow players to give their feedback to developers. This will give creators an opportunity to fix any and all issues before the game goes public.

On the other hand, betas are also a way to promote the game these days.

FIFA 16 closed beta will go on for about ten days, but more details about that are still not revealed. After the beta ends, players will no longer have access to the client. This is the point where players are supposed to provide their feedback to developers.

FIFA 16 beta will only be available on consoles (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360). Meaning PC players won’t have access.



During the beta, players will test the following game modes:

Pro Clubs

Career Mode

Online Seasons

Ultimate Team

All game modes are going to be tested simultaneously from day one.

In order to access the beta, getting an invite won’t be enough. You will have to register to get yourself a guaranteed spot.

EA Sports look at your playtime, performance in a certain game mode, and other aspects before picking you up for the beta.

Lastly, you will have to fulfil the agreement for the beta, that comes with certain confidentiality terms. The beta is for people above the age for 18.

If you have any questions regarding beta, shoot them towards me in the comments.