FIFA 2016 Nutmeg Konami Corp Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

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Football enthusiasts around the world anxiously await the release of Electronic Arts Inc.’s (NASDAQ:EA) FIFA 16, whose closest competitor for FIFA’s crown is Konami Corporation’s (OTCMKTS:KNMCY) Pro Evolution Soccer 16. Both franchises are releasing new additions for their latest releases, but the question is, which one of them provides an authentic gaming experience?

With PES going back to its roots and developing a game that provides smooth movements and silky tricks along with improved AI and tactical awareness, it will be interesting to see how FIFA 16’s newest addition will fare. In a politically correct era, FIFA 16 has managed to execute a marketing masterstroke by including Women’s national teams for the first time. Although they have had to bear the brunt of the internet’s jokes, the decision has been praised by the larger gaming community. This has also allowed their game to reach a larger and diverse audience.  



The greatest issue that PES has had is with licensing, and with the licensing of the UEFA Champions League, FIFA 16 edges out PES in this regard. The extensive licensing of National teams and an extensive database of players and clubs gives it a clear edge over the PES 16. In terms of authenticity FIFA 16 is miles ahead of PES 16 with the footballing community in general preferring the FIFA franchise over PES 16.

When it comes to the graphical and gaming aspect, it’s quite another story however. For die-hard gaming fans, PES comes out as a better selection as its game play most closely resembles an actual football match. The look and feel of the game and the chants of the crowd provide for a mesmerizing experience.

To sum it all up, FIFA 16 has an edge over the PES franchise due to its extensive licensing and roster, and if PES wants to be a worthy competitor, it needs to work hard to develop a worthy roster that can challenge FIFA’s supremacy.