FUT 15 Trading Fundamentals

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/18/15 04:38:11 Views: 1360

"When should I buy or sell _______ /," etc. I think one of the reasons that people become annoyed with these posts is that they are asking for a simple answer to a complicated question. By reading this sub and watching the market, I've come up with a few basic fundamentals for trading. This post will not tell you exactly which player to buy, but how to figure it out for yourself. Most of these are logic and basic economics.


FUT 15 Trading


1. You can't make the perfect the enemy of the good. - if you can get a good deal, take it, even if there's a chance you can get a better deal later.


2. You can't panic, either buying or selling. Just look at some of the threads on here, and you can see the result of that. Make a plan and stick to it. If the plan goes awry, then figure out what you did wrong and fix it for next time.


3. I'd rather make a lot of smaller, more guaranteed profits. For example start trading with a couple of popular players and sell them for a little profit (maybe 500 / 1000 coins). Many popular players who are not too expensive can be bought for (example) 600 coins and you can easily sell them again for 700 or 800 coins. Set the buy now price at the minimum you want to earn for this player. People without patience will buy your player and you have earned some FIFA coins again.


4. This is based on last week - It's hard to offload 35 of one player in a short period of time ;)


5. Typically it's easy to see what IF cards have the best potential. Buy those at around what the low point is going to be (usually late Monday/early Tuesday). You might not buy at the absolute lowest point, but you are almost guaranteed profit. People get too impatient with this type of trading. If you pick a good card, it will work, but you might have to wait a bit.


6. While I keep my eye out for short term flips, it can be very stressful, so I'd rather go for the buys that are going to take a week or two to show a good profit.


7. It's better to sell for a solid profit than keep it hoping it keeps going up more. The reason is that you can take that money and buy more cards, where the return on your investment will likely be higher than continuing to hold it. Of course, there are some exceptions where holding a card will give you a higher rate of return than buying a new investment. Here is the latest information about FUT investment.


8. Any "system" that tells you to buy a specific card will likely only work for a short period of time, if at all. If enough people are trying the same thing, it won't work for anyone. You are much better off figuring out why that player would be a good investment because you can then find other people on your own. It's not really that hard to figure out which players are good to invest in. Look for cards that are in leagues that people use, nationalities people use, link to popular players, etc.


9. Follow cycles. Look on Futbin and Futfocus, and track the short and long term trends for a card or group of cards. Figure out the low points and why they are the low points.


10. Don't listen to what other people say. OK, fine. Don't listen to what other people say "just because." While coin buying and auto buying bots certainly limited the expected low price of some cards, much of the last few days' prices can be linked to large groups of people all deciding to buy at once. Crashes happen when people aren't buying. It's the panic that drives the prices down lower and lower. If people are buying the cards coming onto the market, it won't crash. The important thing is the questions being asked. Does it seem like people are panicking? Factor that into what you want to do.


These are the fundamentals I've used to do quite well trading.