Give your Reason to Buy FIFA Coins

fifa15-coin Date: Dec/30/14 04:28:05 Views: 1585

In FIFA, to buy FIFA coins makes our account take risks and got warnings. It will be sent to your email. The email basically say we found you in violation of our term of service, this is a warning, etc. The FUT notification say basically the same thing, "Your account has been flagged for coin buying, an email will be sent shortly". However, a lot of players buy coins. Here are the players real experience.


Ban Process

1. Realized after spending a lot of many on FIFA points that its all bullshit, waste of many that buying coins if the only way of getting something out of the money i spend on the game.

Ea need to lower the FIFA points cost of a pack i think.

Have bought around 2m coins in total and havn't got any warnings, totaly worth buying coins. I hope ea realize that the problem isnt the coins sellers, its ea's own prices.

2. Thing is, I know a few people that have bought coins, and they don't do it for the players, they do it to open packs and enjoy the semi-gambling thrill, I do understand why ea don't like coin sellers, but they need to realise, they have implemented an economical factor into the game via trading, buying packs and playing games. So naturally as long as a cheaper alternative to obtaining and in game currency exists, ea will continue to be lowballed by coin sellers, who are profiting from the overpricing of packs. I have absolutely nothing against coin sellers, I have a problem with the fact ea won't realise this game is made un enjoyable via the best players being overpriced due to their card weight, and mixing that with the easiest way to obtain them is to buy coins.

3. Done it twice to be honest. 200k and 400k and haven't had a warning. I will probably do it again because I enjoy it more when I have coins and haven't got the time to actually earn the coins. Buying FIFA points are ridiculously over price in my opinion and isn't worth the frustration of packs.

4. I have bought FIFA 15 coins and also on FIFA 14 coins, multiple times. I wasnt aware of there actually being any bans by EA on FIFA 14 so i would easily buy up coins 200k-300k a time once or twice a week.

I was all for EA and their statements on how they were going to tackle coin sellers. But as time wore on and seeing how people were going unpunished whilst myself buying numerous packs with FP and getting nothing in return, i reverted back to purchasing coins again. I know there are risks involved. But i've come to the conclusion that EA really don't give a monkeys about the coin sellers or people who buy them and only ban a handful too make it appear they are doing something. I think if they banned everyone who bought coins, then they wouldn't have many people left playing the game.

It's a vicious circle. I used to have zero respect for people who bought coins. But then thought well EA don't care because if they seriously did then they would have put resources into the bots and coin glitches which seemingly keep cropping up each year. In an ideal world im never going to be able to get a team of players i want to own and use like Ibra, Suarez, Bale etc because their price is so high which is being pushed up by people who are able to purchase coins at a low price. And i know i don't help the situation by buying them coins in return. But who gives a damn about morals etc when all i want to do is be able to try out the players i want too just like i see so many people do. i cant get on and play this game for hours and certainly dont have the time too trade. So buying coins is my only option really. That or go bankrupt by purchasing a ton of FP in the hope of getting someone really good.

If the reward value was worth something in packs, then i would get them more often.

5. A lot. They are dirt cheap compared to points and I don't really have so much free time to pick sitting in front of Web App for hours instead of spending some cash and have the players I want instantly. And I belive every reasonable person would do so, you can get 1m for 40$ or something like that. You can go to work for max 2 days, get what you want and also learn some practical skill or WASTE days monitoring player prices and pretend to be economical mastermind. The choice is obvious in my opinion. Bought about 1.3m total so far (and about 1.5m in fut14) and no sign of ea activity.

6. I bought like 200 euros on FIFA points,too much money for the players i got ,so i bought 800 k coins in pc for 15 euros,no warning ,that trade the coins trade dont show in my trade profits ,ill buy 1 million more for TOTY ,FIFA POINTS are really expensive and u get shit.


FIFA 15 Coins

7. Bought 800k in two 400k increments. Mostly so that I can open packs. Figured if I get a warning I'll stop, haven't received any warnings from EA. Was able to pull a Suarez, Bale and IF Griezman, so I'm pretty happy.

8. I used like $30 I had from selling pucks on HUT to buy some coins to get me started. Got around 130k I think at the time. Used that 130k capital to trade up to 600k so I'm proud of that. Didn't get a warning either but I'm planning on waiting till TOTS or the summer when coin prices are ridiculously cheap to build my ultra dream team.

9. I Bought close to $500 USD in FIFA points in the first month I bought the game, I didn't even knew you could buy coins until I joined reddit, I packed many good players with the FIFA points that made me a hefty profit, is a lot easier to play the market trading when you have a lot of coins, I I looked at the PC coin prices a couple of weeks ago and the same amount would've netted me about 60 million coins (PC) that would've held held me until FIFA 16...

I'f I didn't have a good team, I would buy coins in a heartbeat, I just don't have the time to trade or earn my way into a good team just by playing.

10. I admire this bro, "Never have I bought coins or FIFA points. I feel like it takes away from building a team off your hard work."

I already bought around 2 millions coins, and not even receive a warning. So, I want share my personal FIFA anti-banned experience with you guys. Do not be afraid.

Last, I want to know: how many of you have bought coins?