How Does the Handicap Inhibit FIFA 15 Game

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/21/15 04:30:02 Views: 1146



I remember in previous versions of FIFA this was a frequently discussed issue/ theory which everyone seemed to know about, whether they believed it or not. However in recent times, particularly in FIFA 15 I feel like it's gotten next to no attention despite me strongly believing it still exists and inhibits the game.


For those who aren't aware of the handicap affect, otherwise known as FIFA momentum or FIFA scripting, it's the idea that when a higher rated squad (e.g. 5 star 86 rated team) gets put up against a lower rated squad (e.g. 4.5 star 79 rated team), the game mechanics in many situations will favour the lower rated side. A way I like to describe how it feels for the higher rated squad being disadvantaged by the handicap is that heaps of little things (like contesting for the ball, passing, shooting) seem to constantly not work out; FIFA aids.


It's why I believe sweaty squads are op, because most of these sweaty players are low rated yet are still very good players for someone of that rating (I'm looking at you Ibarbo). So although the squad might only be rated 80 overall, the quality of the players in contrast to their rating is much higher than a team with say both Van Persie and Falcao who are the shittest 88 rated players, meaning that the 81 rated squad will be receiving the handicap despite it still being a very good squad.


I thought this was most noticeable when a few months ago after a stroke of insane luck from a pack (uncensored version - I bought a shitload FIFA coins) and moved from a 82 rated squad to a 87 rated squad with Suarez, Robben and Neymar upfront in the space of a day. I went from being the most laid back and chilled FUT player to getting super pissed off almost every game because all the little shit would never work out.


What I noticed though is that when I play against an 85+ rated team the overall quality of the game for both of us is much better and the game just seems to flow really nice and even if I lose it's not from some bull shit FIFA aids and it's just a much better experience overall. I probably still win more games with the 87 rated squad than I did with the 82ish rated squad but each game is so much more frustrating/ stressful with the 87. Anyone else notice this?


Anyway the point that I'm trying to make is that I find it extremely frustrating that good squads are disadvantaged in such ways since it kind of discourages people to build better and better squads. I've resorted to playing Ronaldo upfront surrounded by low 80 players ending up with a squad rating of around 82-83 and I find this much more enjoyable than playing with 86+ rated squads. Also, I'm aware that you can fill up your bench with bronze players to drag your rating down, but with an 87 rated squad and can never seem to get below an 84ish rating while still having a few high rated reserves to sub on.