How to Get Your FIFA Coins in Game

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/29/14 06:23:29 Views: 2344

Step 1: Login your FIFA Account



The TRANSFERS in the picture: It is a trade market, and you can search all players auctions in it.
The UNASSIGNED in the picture: It is like a bag, all the players you bought are in it and you can have 5 players in it at most.

Step 2: Click TRANSFERS, buy the cheapest player ( The cheapest player need 200 coins)








Step 3: Click the player you bought and list him on on Transfer Market, for example, you can list it at 100K Coins.



Fill the Start Price: The start price must be lower than Buy Now Price.
Fill the Buy Now Price: The Buy Now Price is the price of the FIFA coins you want to buy from us.
Transfer Duration: Please better set 1-3 days.

After you fill those, click OK and the player will be in auction, you can find this player in the Transfer List.