How to Improve Defensive Skills in FIFA 15

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FIFA 15 Defending


FIFA 15, its defending mechanics have become more realistic. But, it's now more difficult to defend in FIFA 15 while the attacking is easier since the dribbling is simpler in this game. So, player need some tips and tricks that can help you improve your defensive skills. In this article, 6 tips can help player.

Know the Controls
First off, you need to know the defending controls in FIFA 15. I suggest you to download FIFA 15 manual first. Here are the basic classic controls for defending in FIFA 15:

The circle (Playstation) or B (Xbox) button performs a sliding tackle. Be careful, you need to do it with the right timing, otherwise the attacker will easily dribble the ball and avoid you.

The X (Playstation) or A (Xbox) button will put the pressure on the attacker by doing a short standing tackle to grab the ball. This button is very effective, you probably will need to use it the most.

The square (Playstation) or X (Xbox) button will do a sliding tackle. This type of tackle could be very dangerous, because either a physical contact or a shirt pull or a at its worst, a long tackle can be finished up with a foul and a possible yellow/red card.

With button L2 (PS) or LT (Xbox) you can contain an opponent.

R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox) button allows you to call a second player to put pressure on the attacker who carries the ball.

Practice with these buttons and get your fingers very comfortable on the controller with them. You need to be able to push these buttons quickly when need them.

Do the Basics
Go to Skill Games and do all the defensive skill drills there. Those drills will help you to improve your defensive skills from basic to advance.

Play Single Player Games
The CPU might not be as smart as human but the fact is that CPU is controlling the pattern and the mechanics of the gameplay even when a real player is playing FIFA 15. So playing against FIFA 15 AI can improve your defensive skills for sure.

Play single player matches and focus on the defending. Try to read CPU's strategies for the attacking. Prevent their passes and block the receivers before a pass happens. See how the AI system is dribbling the ball and try to tackle at the right time. Start with the beginner difficulty and try to promote your defending skills by going to higher level of difficulty.

After doing this, go and play online games and try to defend against a real person and do the same techniques as above to read people's tactics and strategy in order to improve your skills for defending in FIFA 15.

Defending Tactics and Strategy
As mentioned above, FIFA 15 defensive pattern and mechanics are more real. Therefore you need to put your mind to it. I suggest you to choose your favourite team, or to buy your favourite players if you're playing Ultimate Team. This will help you to know your team's tactics and strategy much better. You need to get comfortable with your team and know your defensive weaknesses and mistakes. Then try to fix and modify them.

Also, don't forget that in Team Management, you can define and modify player roles and instructions. And using the analog pad on your gamepad controller, you can apply the quick tactics in the game.

Be Patient
Make sure you do not rush when defending. Keep in mind that CPU is also assisting you on defending. Sometimes, you need to just let CPU to defend for you. When your opponent is one the ball and attacking your goal, you don't have to panic. Just respect your opponent and go for the ball, do the pressure, do the defending techniques and press the right defending button depending on your situation.

Keep Learning
Always try to learn more on defending. Learn from professional FIFA players when you're playing online or by reading their articles online.

Finally, I think players can improve defensive skills. Have Fun.