How to win Real Madrid in FIFA 15

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/07/14 04:38:45 Views: 1773

Real Madrid is a very strong team after FIFA 15 released. Many teams are want to win Real Madrid, but how to win? Believe you should find many guides for it, but it is very little effect. Now, here is my experience how to against the Real Madrid.

First, it is very important that you must improve your overall level, otherwise any guide is not any sense.

The main formation is 4-3-3 in Real Madrid team, Ronaldo and Bale in both sides has very fast speed and like ground cross, so you just need defense the Benzema.

Real Madrid


Be sure to keep formation when defending
Do not use B (XBOX) when Ronaldo cut and beat an opponent, you can use A(XBOX) stick to him to stop his shot. Do not use RB (XBOX) to prevent him passing. And by CB (Guard) to accelerated and crashed into him that basically can interfere with his shot and pass.

Choosing defensive weaknesses when attacking
From the Real Madrid squad you can know the Marcelo, Pepe, Carvajal are not good defensive player. Marcelo like attacking, it is very easy have a chance to break him. The ability of Pepe and Carvajal are not very powerful, sometimes they will make a low-level mistake in the game, so you also can size the opportunity from their defense.

Choosing a team, you can not choose the speed very slow in guard, that will catch up the Ronaldo and Bale, meanwhile, you have to choose the team with personal abilities are very high in LW, RW, LM, RM.

OK, want to win the Real Madrid? By finding the opponent's weaknesses, and play to your strengths, you will find it is not imagine so invincible to defeat Real Madrid. Gorgeous attacking cover up their defensive level, you have to seize the opportunity and avoid weaknesses to win Real Madrid.