James Rodriguez Slide On His Knees In Celebration On FIFA 15

fifa15-coin Date: Dec/06/14 04:05:46 Views: 1275

Everyone want to win when it comes to playing virtual football on fifa 15, that competitive streak really rears its ugly head.


James Rodriguez is being heavily praised by the Real Madrid big-wigs for being a "humble boy" after bagging a brace in the Copa del Rey the other night. Humble? We beg to differ.



Sometimes when you're playing your mates on FIFA 15 the desire to win takes over. The desperate need to get one over your friends and be the best is just too important.


So when you do end up being victorious, it can be hard to hold back your emotions. James was being filmed scoring against his pal and couldn't help but slide on his knees in celebration.


To be fair, the funniest part of the whole clip is that he's still conscious enough to grab a cushion to protect those precious knees before the rubbish victory pos.