Lost Ark: All hidden story locations in East Luterra

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With our Lost Ark guide, finding all of the Hidden History locations in East Luterra is a (p)Ark walk.

Each continent in Lost Ark has its chapter in your adventurer's tome. Sometimes they are one-note, while others can take you to multiple locations - sometimes in different areas. And part of each is finding and tracking down the seven hidden stories by collecting Lost Ark clues.

The hidden story locations in East Luterra are relatively simple, except for one that lasts for a short time. Some clues are tough to find. And two of them require you to visit multiple locations in the same zone. But all the places are in places that you can quickly get to if you follow the guidelines below.




Headman's Secret - Hidden History at Luterra Castle

From the Palace Entrance Triport, enter the palace itself. Head northwest and turn right into the second alcove. When you get to the office at the end, examine the back of the first bookcase on the left. Here you will find the hidden story 'Secret of the head maid'.



Noble Living – Hidden story location in Wavestrand Port

Head to the northwest corner of Wavestrand Port and enter Moronto Homestead. Once inside the building, go back and find a pile of books on the ground next to the left table. Explore here to find an excerpt from Cals' diary, the hidden story "The Noble Life."

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Origin of Puruus - Leyar Terrace Hidden Story Location

Go to the trees in the middle of the northwestern area Land of Puruus. To the right of the stumps, you will find the first part of the Puruus Origin book. Attention! This is a four-part story, and it has a timer. But you have 10 minutes to get to each new place, and they are all nearby, so there is not much time.

Go southeast to the middle of the following area from the first story area (water elementals). The second part is in the southwest corner of the large central pool, directly above the glowing blue plants. Now head back across the bridge to the northwest and head to the corner on the east side where you'll find the Puruus Jahia leader. The third part of the story is behind her, among the plants. Finally, leave this area to the north and follow the northeast path to the Puruus Land Triport. On the left, you will find Puruus Commander Ligeas. And next to Ligeas in the grass is the final part of the "Origin of Puruus" story.



The Paphos of a Genius – Leyar Terrace Hidden Story Location

From the Mist Shelter, go south and follow the path on the right up the slope. When you get to the elevator arrival point, you will see a stone monolith with a book. Read it to find out the "Paphos of Genius" story.



Pear Trees and Him - Blooming Garden Hidden Story Location

Enter the large tree area you approached after the long westward path to the Blooming Garden from Sunbright Hill. Enter the first field on the right, next to Knight Boyens, and immediately turn left. 

There is a bag under the second tree, and in it is the first part of "Pear and Him".

Attention! This is a story in three parts and a short time. You only have 40 seconds to get to the second part of the story in the following field directly north of the first one. From the first part of the story, go north and then right at the fork, keeping to the left side of the path. Enter the field on the left, and where you enter, there is a tree on the north side (to your right). The second clue is on the back right side of the tree.

Attention! Again, you have a short time to get to the third part of the story. It's 40 seconds again, but you need to go further - so you might want to go up. It would be best to go to the southwest corner of the area, where you will find a tree next to the rocks at the entrance to the wooden building. The final part of the story is again to the back right of the tree on the ground.

It's a complex story, especially since weevils'll most likely attack you at each plot point. So it might be wise to take a friend with you to fight while you investigate - or wait until you're strong enough to take down the monsters quickly.



Sacred Rituals of the Reapers – Hidden History Location in Sunbright Hill

Go to the southwest corner of Sunbright Hill, marked "World Harvest Base" on the map. Once you enter, continue west past the intersection and up the slope. Head to the right and through the gate where you will fight Kaslur, a relatively weak minor boss. There is a table to the right of the door to the house. Read the book on the table to learn the "Sacred Rituals of the Reapers" story.



Blackrose's Name - Hidden Story Location in Blackrose Chapel

From the Turch Interior Triport, head southeast from the cemetery. At the end of the path leading outside, go left and left on a dead-end way. Inside the end, you will locate an altar around the proper with flowers at the base. Discover the flowers to uncover the story of "The Name on the Black Rose."


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