Madden 18: The Emotive Ending Appears Satisfyingly Poignant For Story Lovers

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Players are more in favor of playing football simulation video gameplay, not to mention that more and more players are willing to playing Madden 18, as one of the most popular American football video game, arguably, Madden 18 is relatively successful. For this game, the big change comes in the story mode, which has stepped up far beyond simply creating your own player, customising his appearance, and starting a game. 



If your baseline for judging a Madden game is "is it a Madden game?" then you probably won't have much to complain about with Longshot's presence on the disc. But, if you judge a game on what it tried to do versus what it did, Longshot is certainly a mark against the finished product. New mechanics include a "target passing" option that allows you to pinpoint exactly where you want to throw the ball, not just to whom you want to throw it. Madden 18 is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More news and guides, click for source


There's a lot more game in Longshot, the ambitious but lopsided five-hour narrative Electronic Arts has developed as a f disguised tutorial for Madden NFL 18. This game is sanctioned and licensed by the NFL, and many millions of dollars are at stake. Electronic Arts' writers decided not to deal with issues such as football-related scandals or concussions. Just as Longshot moves things forward for narrative in sports games, it also takes steps backward. 


Longshot goes on for hours. The emotive ending appears satisfyingly poignant for story lovers and a redemption for the Madden player. As the credits roll for minutes,  you realise how many people worked on Longshot. One of Wade's friends is overweight and almost all he ever talks about is eating. Longshot feels off-kilter as you indulge in sudden, lengthy portions of familiar gameplay that pull you out of the story. For full details, visit here: