My Ideas for FIFA 15 pro Club

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/06/15 04:25:03 Views: 1531

FIFA 15 Pro Club, I believe EA can do so much more to enhance the experience, and I can't believe that we got (almost) the exact same experience in FIFA 15 as in FIFA 13 and FIFA 14. I hope that they can be changed.


FIFA 15 Pro Club

Game Face - this has been unchanged since FIFA 12/13 which is kind of sad. I was very disappointed to see the exact same hairstyles, facial hair and other options as in FIFA 13. Please EA! This is very disappointing. Why can't you add more beards such as in the other EA titles (Baseball, "football". Why not add more options? Face masks, Edgar Davids glasses, bandaged head, more hairstyles, more BEARDS. I bet FIFA Soccer; is just as popular in USA as it is in the whole of Europe... 

Another feature which has been included in the older FIFA's (FIFA 10) but left out of newer titles, is the ability to download your friends' game faces. This needs to change! Please give us back the option to download our friends' game faces so that we can see "ourselves" on the field. Immersive win! This should be done as soon as possible. There's no point in having a game face if I AM THE ONLY ONE TO SEE IT. Please EA, make it happen.

Gameplay - You should add a gameplay option called "training" or "practice" to the Pro Clubs menus. Here, Pro Club-players of the same club can assemble on the field and run through certain training excercises and drills to hone skills, agree on tactics, and basically become better team-players. Players could rehearse freekick scenarios, corner kick drills, and basic attacking football. Maybe even some co-op skill games.They needn't do training drills. A "free play"-option should also be made available so a team can just roam the field, passing the ball, playing small 2-on-2 games and stuff like this. This could work great for practice, and to learn new roles to the club. Try out defending and maybe even goalkeeping.

Pro Clubs ready screen - Create a custom formation tailored to the amount of players and play styles. This is key! If you know exactly where to work on the pitch, you will never see that annoying arrow again. 

Another minor mistake: When ready'ing up for a match, one player is always selected as captain. This guy controls the defence, quick tactics, and can alter teh formation : why isn't this player the captain on the field? Usually, a random CPU-player is awarded with the captain's band. This is very stupid and should be fixed as soon as possible. The player-selected captain should wear the captain's arm band.

Drop-in - This is where everything goes awry. There need to be changes to this game mode. 

First of all: re-introduce the vote kick system, and an option to kick the goalkeeper. Too many players use this mode to unlock achievements/skills. This is what this mode is made for (I guess), but some players want to play beautiful football with other random players. Why not split this into two categories: casual and Pro? Casual is filled with people who want to unlock skills with the occational player that wants to pass the ball, while Pro is filled with people who want to play football instead of being pre-occupied with skills, numbers, and assists. Too many people ruin the FIFA experience by doing silly stuff (goalkeepers storming in attack, players calling for the ball ALL THE TIME, goalkeepers playing for skills by tapping the ball behind for a corner, players ruining the game because they didn't get the position the wanted etc. etc.), which is really frustrating. It ruins the fun of FIFA... I can't stand to play more than two matches at a time

You should also be able to mute players from the game once the match has started.

If this mode (Pro Clubs) is made right, it could become the single most important feature of future FIFA titles. Please take into consideration how many players play this mode. Do a count of how many clubs there are and how many players there are. Hope someone at EA reads this and thinks about adding some of these features. I would be happy if they included game face for Pro Clubs. This is something I've been waiting for since FIFA 10. It's time to add it to current gen.

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