My Ideas for FIFA 16 Manager Mode

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/12/15 04:30:08 Views: 1157



FIFA 16 Manager Mode, I have some small, great ideas that would make it a lot more fun.


Online Mode: Play with your friends, or randoms. If you have ever played FM (Football Manager) you know exactly what I am talking about. Why not bring that in to FIFA? For those of you who haven't played FM, I will explain to you what this mode is and why it would be so much fun to play with your friends.


This mode is basically just playing manager mode, but with your friends in there with you managing a different team. You and your friends can battle to sign the best players, make deals, and compete, against each other. This mode would work great with FIFA, and I get a good feeling inside of me when I am thinking about playing it with a couple of my friends. It's something I don't have the feeling will come to FIFA 16, but I'll leave it in here, as it would be amazing. This is something we might see if EA sees the idea in FIFA 17+.


Skill-rating upgrades Why is it that a player can go from 50 to 80 pace, but can't improve his skill moves? Something that is annoying if you advance far into the seasons on Manager mode, is that very few of the "random generated" players have more then 2-3* skill moves. Why can't they have a chance to develop into a 4* or even a 5*? There is nothing unrealistic about improving your skill, and it should be that way as well. And it would be fun to see who EA thinks deserves to have the potential to reach higher skill moves.


Custom Training and Coaches I can't remember which FIFA it was, but it had the option to upgrade your training facilities as well as the coaches, so your players would have increased potential growth speed, as well as developing faster and being more on form for matches. You had to pay for this, but it felt like something else to spend your money on. To this point, I would also like to add that you should be able to customize your teams training. FM has this feature, and it works great.


Tuning and fixing the whole gamemode both Player Career and Manager Career needs fixing in terms of bugs, and weird events. If any of you watches Spencer FC and his Player Career series, you will see that he starts off at Portsmouth (2nd div) as a 68 rated player, and is the highest rated on his team. After just 2 pre-season games, they decide to drop him the third, and loan him out to Sheffield UTD (1st div) where he STILL is the highest rated, and goes straight into the Starting XI. This is unrealistic, and would never happen in real life unless there were some huge problems.


There is also similar bugs in Career mode, that it's sometimes impossible to sign a youngster playing as an Important First team Player, in a bad club unless you promise him the same role in your club, even if you are managing Real Madrid.


I could go on and on about this, but this is just some of the most important changes I think EA should make to this gamemode in FIFA 16, and hopefully they will. This gamemode is a lot of fun. And before I get comments stating that if you wanna play career mode, play fm, I would just like to say now that it's two entirely different games. Yes FIFA's career mode should take something from FM, but what makes FIFA career so much more fun is that you can play yourself, and it's a lot easier to manage. You don't have to study tactics all day just to win the CL final, and thats how many of us likes to play.


If anyone has any other ideas or FIFA 16 features, please, share them with me and others.