New Methods to Get Update Cards of "Price Range"

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1st Method

List a Special player with the following points for your order:

1. Select a player whose maximal price range corresponds at least to your desired amount of coins. (You will see some proposals in the field "Player name")

2. Post him on the transfer list

3. Fix the immediate purchase price on the amount of coins you would like to order (in case of 100k, e.g. Buy now price: 100,000)

4. Put the transfer period on 3 days

2nd Method, Buy Game Account, Get FUT Coins

Two advantages of this transaction method:

To the new gamers of FIFA. Anyway, we recommend this purchase for new gamers strongly.

Play game directly and own high level. What’s more, enough coins for you to buy more excellent cards.

To regular gamers of FIFA. Get large coins via transaction in batches, it means you set several players in market.

Step1. Buy an account with enough coins from UTfifa15coins

Step2. Check the total max price of your players

Step3. Set all the players on market on your original account

Step4. Buy all the players with new account

Step5. Get coins from new account

3rd, Accounts trusteeship & Generate Coins in your accounts

Provide us your account and password and security number, we generate coins for you. You can change your password after the process is completed with coins in the account.