Penalty Tips for FIFA 15

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In this tips we'll share the best tips regarding scoring with penalties.

Choose the best players

This may seem like a basic tip but, in reality, most times players tend to be careless when choosing the FUT best player for a penalty. This happens for them being lazy or ending up forgetting, or even because they don't know who has the best penalty stats. If that's the case, you can view this important information in the player selection box by pressing RT/R2 before your take the penalty. If you play Ultimate Team, you should go to squad settings (Y/Triangle on the active squad menu) and define your penalty kicker. This way you don't have to switch players every time you're going to take a penalty.


Once again, this may seem like a basic tip but it will actually increase your success rate on penalties. Go to the arena (play – practice arena) and press left on the D-Pad. This way you'll have access to the penalties training ground. Activate the aim mark pressing LT/L2. Now you'll be able to see if you're giving too much or little direction to the kick, and you can practice your shot power.

Try also changing the kicker to see what changes when you choose a bad player for penalties. You have the aim mark moving faster now and you can also see that the green area got smaller, plus the blue circle expands, which increases your chances to fail.

You don't need to practice much to get sharp on this. If you're a perfectionist, however, you can also clear the penalty skill games.

Right aiming, power and direction

Your success when taking a penalty depends basically on three factors: aiming, power and direction. If you follow our tips, you'll rarely miss one.

We'll start with the aiming. The objective is to hit the green spot, the centre of the bar. This is the least you should do in order to be successful. Don't get ahead of yourself, take your time to see how long it takes for the cursor to get through the bar at least twice so you notice how sooner you have to press shoot. If you miss it and hit red, the shot will go wide.

When shooting, you need to hold down the shoot button for as long as you feel like the shot power should go. Within ideal conditions, you should try filling the bar with something between 2/4 and 3/4 of its full length. On practice, give priority to filling 3/4 of the bar because this way the shot will go a bit higher, so it'll be more difficult for the goalkeeper to make the save. Anything beyond that may end up with the shot going wide or hitting the post. Anything less than that will end up making the shot weaker therefore more likely to be saved by the keeper.

Normally the direction is where many players fail, mostly when setting a height for their shot. Direction is controlled by the Left Stick, but instead of just moving it when your player is about to shoot, you should hold it to the direction you want for about one or two seconds and then release. If you hold it for more than 2 seconds you'll take the risk of missing the target. In order to get your timing right you should execute our second tip.