Quick FUT 15 Trading Tip

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/22/15 04:48:26 Views: 1282

FIFA 15 Trading


Many of you invested in SIF Sanchez, based on recommendations from people here. That's awesome, and I'm glad that you're making coin. If you wouldn't have known to do that without reading it here, this is a way for you to be able to find investments on your own. The good news is that it will work. The bad news is that it will take some time and effort.


Go to Futhead and pull up the last 5 Teams of the Week. Pick some cards and look on FUTFocus to see how they moved. If you click on the card on FUTHead, you will see things like the detailed stats for the card, skill moves, weak foot, as well as comments. Most of the comments are meaningless, but one person posts what their overall rating would be at different positions.


You will start to see patterns. You will first see when to buy these players. Keep in mind things like special packs, TOTY, etc. The low point for this current TOTW will not be the normal low point because of TOTY. So when is it? What happened around that time?


You'll start to see why certain cards increase in value and why certain cards stay at discard. Hopefully you'll see why SIF Sanchez was a no-brainer, and you'll be able to use that information in the future.


IF trading is not fool-proof, but I've found it to be by far the most predictable method of normal trading. As for when to sell your cards? Pick a profit point you'll be happy with, then evaluate when it gets there. Does it seem like it has room to grow? Here's food for thought. Let's say you sell your investments when they have reached the point where you will double your money. Of course not every investment will reach this point, but if you do IF right, many will. If you sell then and use those coins to buy the next batch of IF cards, after a little while, you'll make more profit than you would just off of the one card if it still goes up. Stop focusing on getting maximum profit on one card and start focusing on how to increase your FUT 15 coins the most.


Finally, if you like playing with a player, keep him! At least for me, investing is about being able to get the coins to try different players and build different teams. I bought the entire TOTY defense and Kroos. I could sell now and make a good profit, but they are too damn fun to play with. I'm having a ball mixing and matching and building teams around them.


It's not all about profit, it's about what the profit allows you to do. OK, this was a little longer than "quick," but oh well. Happy trading!