Revolution Mod 15 V1.1 Details

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/17/14 03:20:49 Views: 1453

Revolution Mod 15 V1.1


Revolution Mod 15 V1.1 is now available for download.  This version is a small update mainly to fix the known bugs of V1.0 (referee kits, under shorts, boots).


V1.1 Features

-Automatic Stadium Seats


V1.0 Features

-Click here



The mod is compatible with existing careers as the database is not edited.

You must read the included documentation to understand how to use this mod.



1. Revolution Mod 15 V1.0 must be installed before installing this version if have not already done so.  You can download this version from here.

2. Some naming conventions have changed from RM14. Read the included documentation for more information.  None have changed from RM15 Beta.

This version is not compatible with the Xbox 360.