The Azteca Stadium Could Reach Madden NFL 18

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These days, Madden NFL 18 debuted and for all fans of American football we have some important news because during gamescom 2017.



At the beginning you will be interested to know that one of the questions we asked Sean Graddy was about the possibility that at some point the Estadio Azteca, venue that has hosted the NFL games held in Mexico, could appear in the new delivery as extra content, "We're still not sure yet, but we've talked about it and I'd like to see him in Madden at some point, so let's hope so."


On the other hand we question Graddy about the continuity of his story mode, Longshot, in the upcoming franchise titles or at least in Madden NFL 19. In that sense, the creative revealed, "we still do not know. I like the characters and they want to continue [their story], that's how it will be. I still can not guarantee anything, but that would be the goal. "In relation to this gameplay we also confirm that we can use the protagonist of the story, Devin Wade as quarterback for the franchise mode, "there is a hidden way to play like Devin Wade in the franchise mode, which almost nobody knows. If you go to the franchise mode, create a quarterback and select a mobile quarterback that has no team, the default is Devin Wade. So you can have a story with Wade in franchise mode."


Finally Graddy stated that although some might think that doing sports games is simple, by the bases in which they are created, not so the real challenge is to offer something new to the fans in each delivery, otherwise they would leave the The reason we made Longshot was because we often hear people say it's just an update of spreadsheets or that there are not enough news. I think they can not say that this year, "We have a story mode, several new features for Ultimate Team, I think it's a great year for us, but every year it's a challenge to deliver features that thrill our fans."


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