The Most Expected Features in FIFA 16

fifa15-coin Date: Dec/16/14 06:38:23 Views: 1533

FiFa 16

FIFA 16 has not been officially announced yet. The game is expected to be released in September 2015. Here are a few I'd love to see in FIFA 16:

1. Training. You should be able to watch set training for each player individually and for the whole team.

2. Youth Scout/Academy. When you start you should have the REAL youth players from every team and some scout (Why not the real ones).

3. SIM Match.
You should be able:
To see the whole match with the CPU playing both sides.
If you want to quick-sim, to see the best chances and the goals as highlights (even displayed with dots like FM).
Be able to see the stats of the match (shots possession etc.)

4. Stats. Be able to see your players stats if they are loaned in a team that plays in a different league. Also be able to see player statistics (top scorers, assists etc.) from all leagues. In order to pick players based on their performance.

5. PRE Season. You should be able to choose where your pre season training takes place, based on your budget and also arrange as many friendlies as you want, with the teams that you want.

6. Licensing. Greek and Ukrainian leagues. And also Champions League and Europa League.

7. Instead of just FIFA 15 Coins, EA could also give special bonuses for winning tournaments and divisions. say you win the gold cup 5 times, after the 5th win, you receive a special untradeable card that allows you to switch a winger's position to *. so if you want to use el sha at * on full chem, you'd need to win the gold cup 5 times first to get that card. again, if you want to sell the player, he reverts back to his pack position and rating.

8. Media & Presentations: I remember in one of the older FIFA's that the media would ask you certain questions and whatever answer you picked would have an impact on the team, fans and staff at the club. BRING IT BACK!! Also being able to watch things like Player/Manager of the Year presentations, Champions League draws etc.

9. Kits: Although people want to be able to design their own kits and sponsors, I think that's not realistic enough. What I think would be perfect is the sponsor choosing the kit design. Even though you have no power to change it, it's more realistic and it's not boring at the same time. Also having a new kit sponsor every few seasons, and being informed by the board. For example, "We have agreed a new sponsorship deal with Chevrolet. As a result, you will now be granted an extra 5,000,000 to your transfer budget".

10. Create your own team: Although this is a bit optimistic, I can see the appeal. Becoming the owner and manager of your own club. Starting off from the bottom tier in the country, and gradually making your way up the ladder. Starting off with local lads and inviting players for trials. Finding potentially world class players in the local area, and receiving a big (realistic) sum for the player. So if you're a team with a starting budget of 100,000, and you have a player with.

Tell me your advice.