The Most Potential Players in FIFA 15 TOTW 28

fifa15-coin Date: Mar/24/15 23:39:01 Views: 1281

The weekly matches have come to a conclusion. In this week, many highlights of players may shock you. Who will be the best player of TOTW 28? Buy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Online, We are the Top-rated sellers for cheap Fut coins!

Harry Kane

Tottenham vs Leicester City for 4:3, depending on the Kane's hat tricks, Tottenham goes through hardship to win the match. At the same time, Kane is also the Premier League top one scorer. Tottenham and England will be happy to bring his brand under their labels. In TOTW 28, he is quite likely to be the IF card.

Olivier Giroud 

Arsenal vs Newcastle United: 2:1, Giroud will be crazy. Arsenal who reckons fourth place is also quite powerful. Giroud second blooms. Giroud has successfully gotten 10 goals out of 9 matches. In this season, Giroud is rewarded with MOTM cards. And in this week, he is also the IF cards.

Juan Mata 

Liverpool vs Manchester United: 1:2, which is always the focus war of Premier League. The best player in this match must belong to Mata. The two scores fo Mata must leave a deep impression on you. The second score is most likely to be the most excellent scoring. It is beyond of doubt that Mata can be shortlisted in the TOTW 28.


Suarez must be the most exciting Derby in the world. Barcelona vs Real Madrid: 2:1, the every Spanish Derby is enjoyable. In this match, the best player must be Suarez. The first time he joined in the Derby, Suarez show us an assist. The first time he joined in the home Derby, Suarez gets a goal for the team. Therefore, he is quite likely to be the TOTW 28 player.


In the Bundesliga top fight, Bayern vs Borussia:2:0, there are few teams who have the power to defeat Bayern. Borussia in the visiting field vs Bayern: 2:0, Rafael is the hero. Neuer's poor performance contributes to the two goals of Rafael.


Today's AC Milan has no hope to recover. The only bright spot in the team must be Messi. The 2 goals + 1 assist help AC Milan get a victory with difficulty. How AC Millan revives is a big issue.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

If you ask me who is the best striker, the answer must be Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the French match, Ibrahimovic devotes to three goals, which helps Paris score a success. Before, he was a IF card player. This time, he is quite likely to be SIF card player.

The above players are likely to be the TOTW 28 players. All players are worthy to use and purchase. Of course, EA is hard to guess. If it wants to promote the market, putting many good players will be a good strategy. If it does not want to make a promotion, it will show us some players with low price and good perfor