The Recent Issues of FIFA 15 Mobile

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/02/14 23:20:37 Views: 1472

Since so many people nowadays enjoy playing games on their mobile phones, FIFA 15 has mobile versions like IOS and Android too. Just same as other versions, FIFA 15 mobile version has an issue of unable to connect at the end of the game. In this article we will figure out the issue of FIFA 15 mobile as well as possible solutions.

Issues occurred on FIFA 15 Mobile
According to reviews posted on Google's Play Store and comments on several gaming forums (including EA's official channel), players are experiencing an issue when trying to play the mobile version of FIFA 15 that players are cut off connections at the end of a match, thereby failing to register the match's successful completion and the score is not being registered properly. Namely, you just waste time without any FIFA 15 coins won.

Besides this issue above, there are many other problems that bothered FIFA 15 fans in game play that we don't list here one by one.

Bad Effects of This Issue
It is really a frustrating issue because FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has microtransaction and in-game currency. It's also a sports management game, which means that an important aspect of its game-play that players sink a lot of time and energy into is building a team full of their preferred players. To build and maintain a team, you have to spend either FIFA 15 coins or "FIFA points," the two types of in-game currency. Points are a much more valuable form of currency. It costs 700 FIFA points (a little less than $7.99) to buy a "gold pack" while the same pack would run you 35,000 coins.

But because of disconnecting issue at the end of the match, you will lose FIFA 15 coins as well as FIFA points. Let alone your time and energy.

Possible solutions
It is said that EA replied to someone who complained about this issue, saying that it was difficult to pinpoint the exact source problems and "We did find a minor issue affecting a small percentage of users causing them to drop before the game completed but it has since been fixed," the EA said. "And at the moment we're not receiving complaints about servers for the iOS/Android games."

Well the truth is we still find FIFA fans complaining about the issues recently, like this Monday. Anyway, since there are no official solutions provided, what we should do is waiting for the coming update. Then abandon FIFA 15? Of course not, keep playing and surely believe that you are lucky enough that you won't meet that issue if you are a mobile FIFA 15 player.

Above all, waiting for the official patch and keep enjoy your FIFA 15 tour.