The Second MOTM Card of Gonzalo Higuain in FIFA 15

fifa15-coin Date: Mar/15/15 04:28:45 Views: 1267
In the season 2014-15, the first round of the European Cup 1/8 finals just ended, Napoli game against Dynamo Moscow in the opening two minutes was just to break the situation, Higuain led Napoli to 3: 1 score reversal Dynamo Moscow, Higuain swept all three goals, a hat-trick, EA also quickly launched Higuain's second MOTM cards. Price Ranges: 950,000 - 1,300,000
Although Higuain only has 3 star Skill Moves in FIFA 15, but he is enough can use a smooth pendulum extraordinary to break the opponent's defense. But he has the advantage of Attacking Workrate HIGH, and moves very well, you can always see in front of him appears in place of the appearance of and sensitive moves often can give us a lot of opportunities, but also for 92 Shooting break and lay a solid foundation, a real poacher.

Higuain, Tevez, Vidal can be composed of the strongest Serie A trident, they sound absolutely aggressive style of play allows each player to put it down.