Top 20 Most Popular FIFA 15 Players

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These top twenty players are the most transferred players across the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game mode. From goalkeepers to strikers, there are a range of positions and leagues that cover the top 20 most popular FIFA 15 players.


20. Christian Benteke – Aston Villa

A cheap striker since the beginning of the game, Benteke would have featured in a majority of early starter squads for most players.


19. Ashley Young – Manchester United

Ashley Young is up there as one of the quicker left midfielders in the Premier League and his price has steadily decreased since the beginning of the game, making him more popular.


18. Eliaquim Mangala – Manchester City


FIFA 15 Popular Player 1


A new defender in the Premier League, the French centre back was a popular figure in Liga Portuguese squads last year, no different this time around.


17. Abdoulay Konko – Lazio

The best right-back in a league with very few remaining. With Ignazio Abate being reduced to a silver, Konko stands alone as the top right-back and his attributes are very strong.


16. Raphael Varane – Real Madrid

Maybe aside from Sergio Ramos the best defender in La Liga in my opinion; Varane is quick, a great tackler and very strong in the air, so for his price to have been so low since game release is a bargain.


15. Luiz Gustavo – Wolfsburg

The more popular Bundesliga defensive midfielders (Philipp Lahm, Xabi Alonso) were extremely expensive at the beginning and with Gustavo's strong attributes he would've been the main replacement.


14. Remy Cabella – Newcastle

A very exciting attacking midfielder for those with a little amount of FIFA coins from the start of the game; Cabella is pacey, has excellent skill moves and a weak foot and will score numerous goals for your club.


13. Stephan El Shaarawy – AC Milan

Another player who in my opinion is the best in their position for their particular league. Every time I have had a Serie A team, El Shaarawy has featured and his price now is ridiculously cheap.


12. Luke Shaw – Manchester United


FIFA 15 Popular Player 2


For the money United paid, Luke Shaw was always going to be bought at the beginning, maybe by most Manchester United supporters. He was however the strongest starting left back in the Premier League, due to most others being 10,000 coins plus.


11. Loic Remy – Chelsea

Fast, good in the air, an excellent finisher, Loic Remy is everything you would need in a FIFA striker. His pace will be the main reason players buy the card, but his transfer to Chelsea, a big team in the league, has made it more popular.


10. Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal

Without paying the big money you would need to buy Yaya Toure for example, Aaron Ramsey provides one of the better all-round central midfield cards in the Premier League. His price has never been too high and remains around 1-2,000 coins.


9. Tim Howard – Everton


FIFA 15 Popular Player 3


At the beginning of FIFA, Howard was very prominent in Premier League teams due to the prices of the better goalkeepers. He will be also favoured by American fans for obvious reasons and has been surprisingly popular this year.


8. Miranda – Atletico Madrid

Another excellent BBVA defender and there are a lot of them. Miranda had a fantastic season last year and provides a defensive card full of pace, strength and defensive ability. Will have featured in many La Liga and Brazilian squads.


7. Martin Caceres – Juventus

Caceres is the cheaper version of Georgio Chiellini in the Serie A. There are not as many strong defenders remaining in the Italian league and to be fair Caceres isn't even that good, but he is fast.


6. Eduardo Vargas – QPR

Another new Premier League striker with pace and finishing ability. Vargas had a strong World Cup for Chile, so when he moved to the Premier League for FIFA 15, he was always going to be popular, especially for his constant cheap price.


5. Alexandre Lacazette – Lyon


FIFA 15 Popular Player 4


The best striker in Ligue 1 and the second best French striker on the game behind Karim Benzema. Lacazette is having a wonderful season for Lyon and is chased by a number of teams worldwide. That feeling is similar for Ultimate Team players as he now features regularly.


4. Felipe Santana – Schalke

Last year, Santana was an absolute tank defender. This year, he is not quite as good. Still a strong defender, Santana is now falling down the pecking order in the Bundesliga, but is incredibly cheap.


3. Danny Welbeck – Arsenal


FIFA 15 Popular Player 5


Danny Welbeck was going for around 3,000 coins at the start of the game. A lot for a non-rare card yes, but for his pace, finishing and heading strength, Welbeck was one of the bargains of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.


2. Nedum Onuoha – QPR

The quickest defender in the Premier League and also one of the strongest. With 83 pace, it is no surprise that a lot of players have bought the QPR centre back and they will not have been let down by his performances.


1. Adrian Ramos – Dortmund


FIFA 15 Popular Player 6


Adrian Ramos was the top scoring player on the goal scorers list and is also the most transferred player on Ultimate Team. No surprise really, if you wanted a striker who scores so many goals, you'd probably go and pick him up as well. Quick, strong and excellent in front of goal, a must buy for those building a Bundesliga squad.


There is no real surprise to see that the majority of the list are from the Barclays Premier League as that is predominantly the most popular league on Ultimate Team, due to the high amount of top quality players in most positions on the field.