TOTY Market Crash Update

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/20/15 04:45:22 Views: 1617

FUT 15 special Team of the Year TOTY market crash update:


Here are some Xbox player prices in the fifteen day period from 1 January to 15 January.


Here are the same players prices yesterday morning (17 January) before the lightning round packs:


So during the week, before the entire TOTY was available in packs, we actually see a slight market recovery.  But last night, and today, things changed……


"FUT, who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? Don't you know this market is loco?!"


We weren't kidding when we said the Team of the Year (TOTY) release would be a wild ride.  "Loco" some would say.  When any type of market fluctuates, no matter if it is fluctuating wildly up or down, in this case the best traders will use this time as an opportunity to make FUT 15 coins PC, Playstation or Xbox.  No matter if you had not sold players while they were expensive, and only invested when they were cheap, there were gains to be had between the end of 15 January and the start of 17 January (today).  The real sharp traders will have known that the weekend would be EA's opportunity to scoop up as much money as we possibly had left, and that 100k packs were surely part of this equation.  Remember, if the market fluctuates, there are coins to be made…. that said, have a look at the same players' prices from 6am yesterday to 11pm yesterday, when the 100k packs were released:


Only three players increased in price after the 100k offerings:  Robben and Ininesta, whos gold cards weren't in packs, because they was replaced by their respective TOTYs.  This makes sense because we know that a supply increase leads to a decrease in value.  With there being no supply increase on either [gold] card, we actually see a slight gain.  The third player who gained over that time period- well, you guessed it, was Manuel Neuer, who happened to also be a TOTY inclusion.  Every other player saw [un]healthy losses.  So when this happens, (and it will happen every time there are large promo offerings), how do you make coins?  You buy.  It's counter-intuitive: When things are going badly, its natural to feel like your holdings (in this case, your players) are free falling, and there is no end in sight.  This is where the term "panic sell" comes from.  People get caught up in the midst of a market crash, and they sell because at the rate the items are plummeting in value, it seems like a good thing to do.  The opposite is true.  We know that 100k packs are limited to 75,000, and that when they end, there is just a half a day left before the TOTYs are gone for good.  Last night was a perfect (and turns out to be THE perfect) time to stock up on the Gael Clichys and Juan Matas, which reached staggering lows of 1750 and 2.9k coins, respectively.  We hope you did something like this.  If not, please go over these numbers and understand the logic behind them.  Know why the increases and decreases happened, and you will be set for not only the rest of FUT '15, but for the many more editions in the future.


This morning the market is back up slightly, and look for it to gain sharply Monday when the TOTYs leave packs for good.  So if you haven't bought yet, the clock is ticking.  But there's still time, remember that 100k packs are available until 6pm UK today, which should keep players hovering around their low points! We cannot imagine that EA will go crazy on the pack offers, and even if they did, many FUTers coins will have diminished due to previous pack offers.