TOTY Worthy Investment Players

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/17/15 16:04:16 Views: 1762

If you want to be smart, and invest your money to see a nice return in a few weeks, I have some players that I would like to recommend for you to invest in. Disclaimer I can't promise you that you'll make millions off of this, but by using simple Economics, I believe these cards will go up in value in the up and coming weeks.


In, you can find the lowest price and price fluctuate, which will help you better understand what i said.




Jermain Defoe

Jermain Defore was just signed by Sunderland today and his MLS card will no longer be in packs in the up and coming weeks. I know the MLS isn't a top 5 league yet, but many Americans play this game and like to build an MLS squad. He's currently the top non inform striker in the MLS and people will want him. He is currently going for quick sale value.

I don't think his card will go up a ton in value, but I think his MLS version will be worth a few thousand FIFA coins after he's no longer available.


Thierry Henry

A similar situation to Defore except he is retiring. He's a legend and everyone loves this guy (except maybe Tottenham fans.) But I could see this card being at a nice value since his card is will no loner available in packs. He's going for quick sale value.


Deandre Yedlin

This guy is transferring from Seattle to Tottenham this month and this is what his card was going for pre TOTY

This is what it is going for now

I could see this card being very valuable when his MLS card is no longer available in packs. And with a potential January upgrade, it could even be more valuable then it already is.


SIF Griezmann

This card is already amazing as it is. But with rumors of him getting a January upgrade, it'll only make this card better. Plus with rarity of it being an inform, this could be crazy valuable. I bought it Sunday for 150k and it's already worth over 200k

If you have the coins, invest now and I'm sure you'll make a lot of coins if you hold off on selling it.


SIF Godin

This card should have gotten TOTY. But let's show this, this is what his first inform was going for pre TOTY

This is what his SIF is going for now.

Plus with a potential January upgrade, this could be easily 100k plus if not even more valuable than that. The only thing that might hinder his price is the fact that he was packed a lot due to TOTY. But regardless, I think this will be a great investment for you.


Gael Clichy SIF

This is what his First Inform was going for pre TOTY (PS4 updated but that was 249k before today and I deleted my other photo on accident) This is what his SIF is going for currently. This card is in the BPL and is one of the most used fullbacks on the game. If you have the coins, I'd recommend heavily investing in him. I could see his card going up a lot in the up comming weeks. 300k or more. Like Godin though, what could hinder his value is the fact that he was packed a lot due to TOTY. Regardless I think this is a very safe investment.


SIF Alexis Sanchez

This is another card that I have read the comments and could very well see this as being a very nice investment. These are his prices right now.

With him more than likely getting a January upgrade to 86, that would make this card an 88 which would make this card tied for third highest rated in the BPL.

Again what might hinder his value is the fact that he's going to be packed a lot over TOTY, plus with Hazard being on the left side, he's not going to be used as much as opossed to if he was on the right side since he already has the highest rated rw/rm card in the BPL. Still a solid investment from what it looks like with that January Upgrade.


SIF Alexandre Lacazette

He is the best striker in Ligue 1 (Don't tell me that Ibra is because his card unfortunately is not very good on this game.) Plus with a January upgrade pretty much guaranteed, this card will go up in value. Not to add onto to the fact that he's honestly my favorite striker I used on this game. Plus he's fairly affordable.

What might hinder his value is the fact that so many people have been planning on him getting an upgrade that many have already invested. Still he's worth the investment in my opinion.


So these are some of my ideas to share with the rest of you. I'm not promising anything, but I think you could make a crazy amount of coins if you invest right.