What Is Your Hope For Madden NFL 19 Next Year

fifa15-coin Date: May/10/18 02:13:28 Views: 2451

In Madden NFL 19, what I would like to see is that EA completely redo the progression system next year. I'd like it to be more like MLB the show, where you have no control which stats get upgraded. 


Players can progress slowly through the season based off achieving milestone and goals. Once the off-season hits, the players develop fully for the season and you can view their yearly progress. Also players should have a "Potential" stat like MLB the Show but it should be vague. 


Madden NFL 19


You should only be shown the letter grade like if the player has 90-99 potential it would show as "A" and so on. Players should develop based off of their player type, which would finally make the player types they have actually matter. 3-4 pass rushers are more likely to get boosts in finesse moves than Zone coverage and big maulers will develop IBL more so than PBK. 


All in all the development system needs a big change. I'm tired of getting 2 years into a CFM and all the RBs have 99 carrying and bcv because they're cheap to buy while all DEs have 99 FMV and PMV. Let's take a look at the opinions of other players:


"I'd like to see them convert to Fifa's method where performance determines attribute growth. This would also work well with a potential mentor system allowing backups to get decent growth over the season."


"I like NBA 2ks method, something similar could work where most of the progression is in the background and the attributes that develop are the ones focused around the player type."


"I like the player potential grade aspect but to make it even more realistic I would like it if that potential grade can fluctuate. He maybe an A but if I ignore his growth or I don't get him enough plays per game or practice reps, his potential grade can change downward and vica versa. They need hidden Intangible grades that we never see."


"I would love to have a system based on coaching and players developing based on what you need. We have seen countless times players gain 50+ pounds to switch positions, go from one position in college to another in the NFL and play at high levels. This should be represented in Madden. That to me is what SS potential should be."


What about you? Welcome your message.