What's your FUT 15 Hidden Gem?

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/04/15 15:24:51 Views: 1314

About FUT 15 hidden gems, my definition: A hidden gem is a player who cost between 300 - 1000 FIFA coins, is non-rare gold and has at least one remarkable strong point. Here are some I've used FUT 15 Hidden Gems.

Adnan Januzai: This player is the rising star of Manchester United. He is a great player, but still not comparable to the other left wingers. He will have a great future if he keeps developing as he does now. He is a really good dribbler and he has decent pace which feels above 87 in my opinion. He is my no.1 hidden gem in FIFA 15.

Vincent Aboubakar: He is great, because of his amazing pace and his really good strength which makes him perfect for any Liga Portuguesa squad!

Rodrigo Palacio: He is not really a hidden gem, because he was a rare gold player in FIFA 14. Now, he has a non shiny card and cost less than 1000 coins so he  satifies requirements for the Hidden Gem section. He is really good, because of his pace, shooting and dribbling. His only downside are his workrates (high/high).

Divock Origi: Another Belgian left winger in this top 5. Origi feels really fast and he feels pretty strong. His strength has amazed me, because I didn't expect from a 75 rated player so much power. He has a good acceleration which makes him suitable on the wings. I can't say anything negative about this hidden gem: you must try him out!

Kostas Manolas: The only defender in this list, because it is really hard for a defender to shine and become a top performer in every single game. Manolas did this for me and he was unbelieveable: that's why Futhead gave him 83 beast rating. He is a complete defender who is stronger than most of the strikers (although his card says that he has 79 strength).

Now, my personal favorite is Aboubakar, a 76 rated non-rare gold striker, which feels like ibarbo with strength. For me he has scored 32 in 15 games! What's your hidden gem?


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