Why is Madden 22 better than Madden 21?

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EA Sports faces a challenge every year and needs to constantly change the content, functions, updates, etc., in the Madden game to adapt to and meet the many needs of players! However, not every season of Madden will satisfy players. Like last season, Madden 21 was spurned and disappointed by many players! So, let's take a look at the new season of Madden 22? In my opinion, Madden 22 is an all-around improvement season. Why do you say that? The following is what I want to prove.


Why is Madden 22 better than Madden 21?

Madden 22 has taken a solid step in the right direction in almost all modes. It does not entirely remake the wheels, but the marginal improvements make the game enjoyable and bring excellent development potential for the future. Madden 22 adds subtle but effective improvements to all modes to provide better in-field And off-site experience, especially in Franchise.


It is worth noting that some aspects of Madden 22 were not measurable at the time of release. The new Next Gen Stats AI integration is already an improvement over last year's game. Still, the full effect of this feature will not be known until the entire NFL season is underway and the system is updated to reflect the tendencies of real-world players. So look back for the desire to test this. It may be helpful for fans of the feature implementation that the season in real life has already begun. Even without this, the game has been a pleasant improvement in terms of the on-field gaming experience and the depth of the various modes.


This year's iteration did not introduce new modes like The Yard in Madden 21. On the contrary, the focus is on making each method provide more depth. The most significant change is the franchise development announced by EA, but each model has been updated and expanded in previous iterations. The obvious low point is still the face of the Franchise. Unfortunately, the new dynamic game day feature only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will bring two completely different experiences. However, apart from these two opposing factors, the rest of Madden 22 is essentially a welcome step in the right direction.


Madden 22 Dynamic Gameday becomes more powerful.

The most significant life change in Madden 22 is unique to the current console. Even PC players were unexpectedly excluded, which is disappointing considering some of the better changes in recent years. The most important is the Next Gen Star Driven AI system, which is extracted from the NFL Next Gen Stats database to make the players in the game function more like themselves in the real world. It sounds subtle at first, but you don't have to defend. Josh Allen's 20 consecutive flat-bottom and curl passes have greatly improved the experience from start to finish. The system first introduced some minor enhancements in Madden 21, but Madden 22 will be updated throughout the entire NFL season to be used more frequently.
The other most influential change is the dynamic match day feature, which gives each stadium a more realistic feel. The crowds and stadiums still haven't changed incredibly, but simple, immersive effects, such as the Rambo Leap and the pirate firing cannons, are a step in the right direction. The stadium Momentum Factors in Madden 22 provides a better feel for every game, regardless of the mode. However, not all stadiums are created equal because the Seattle 12-man team makes the passing route challenging to read, which is more challenging than the Dallas midfield's punt deflected by the big screen.
However, the most compelling aspect of these new stadiums is the fierce head-on confrontation, where two players compete for control of the stadium in an intense tug-of-war match. No matter how difficult the home-court advantage is, if the visiting Team starts to fall, everyone can be silent. This simple aspect of sports in real life adds a lot of fun to the head-to-head experience, and I hope this is just the beginning of more realism in the future.

Madden 22 franchise improvement is great

When EA first previewed Madden 22, the most significant focus was to bring a better experience to one of the most popular models-franchising. The lack of new scouting features at launch was a significant setback because the weekly part in Franchise is essential, but finding new players for the draft every season is the lifeblood of the long-term Team. EA stated that its goal is to get the new scout system online sometime in September, but until then, scouts/drafts are still the low points of the Franchise.
Fortunately, other improvements have greatly helped the entire franchise experience. The new coaching system, featuring the head coach and offensive and defensive coordinator, is more intuitive. The ability to change coaches throughout the season is a significant improvement; if Giants fans are angry with Joe Judge, they can load the franchise model and fire him on the first day of mid-season. The new coaching skill tree and game day plan have also been significantly improved. Coaching experience customization can be used to adapt to specific game styles. This is an improvement that Madden has long needed for a long time. It matches well with the weekly strategy and goal system.
Players are no longer as simple as Madden 21 to choose whether to Cover three instead of Cover 2. Instead, they can develop strategies to handle each game. They can then select strategic goals for each coach, such as focusing on the inside running process and setting an offensive coordinator goal of sprinting more than 150 yards. Suppose players focus on deep passes and jump out of the early lead. In that case, they can switch to inside running to concentrate on clock management in the second half, or if they plan to defend the short-circuit but keep going deep, they can adjust their strategy of taking long passes. It is still not a complicated system, but it is a welcome improvement.

Madden 22: Changes in details and shortcomings

Although Franchise and Dynamic Gameday are the most significant changes in Madden 22, they are not the only changes. Ultimate Team is back with more challenges and exclusive player cards. In general, these adjustments are as gentle as Madden 21. The only significant functional changes are the new statistical integration and new strategy cards. The system will allow players to choose two offensive and two defensive strategy cards to apply to their Team, which will improve the player's three specific statistics. The correct strategy card can see that the overall scores of several team members have risen by one point, which is of great significance in competitive scenarios.
The MUT game in Madden 22 on the current generation system will also have a unique variant of the new Dynamic Gameday and other modes, such as The Yard, which expands with new areas and challenges. The quasi tribute to NFL Street made a breakthrough when Madden 21 first appeared and returned to Madden 22. It even appeared in the draft road storyline of Face of the Franchise, which once again became the bottom of the game. Although it improved over the ridiculous story in Madden 21 and provided new players with better tutorial elements (and Added LB position as an option), the overall experience is still quite dull and not as good as other modes in Madden.
At the time of writing, some glitches, such as incorrect rendering of people in the crowd or specific areas in The Yard, caused the cleats to look like elastic rubber bands, but none of them disrupted the game. The most significant setback is arguably the dull comment system, which sometimes does not even reflect what happened on-site, and it is incredibly repetitive. The new visuals and game-day presentations are improvements, but unfortunately, it still feels bland compared to the old or 2K Madden games.
In general, Madden 22 has taken a solid step in the right direction, with very few steps back. However, many things are changing, but the constant is MUT Coins. No matter what season, Madden MUT Coins is a very important currency, and its functions are always the same! The lack of specific updates for cross-generation consoles and releases makes the game feel that it is only half of its full potential. However, it still provides a pleasant opportunity for new players and existing fans to get started. So, in my opinion, this change of Madden 22 is still satisfying. Although some areas still need improvement, overall it is satisfactory! I hope you all have fun playing in Madden 22!