Yaya Toure 91 review for FIFA 15 TOTW 48

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/14/15 23:33:13 Views: 1626

As we told you, EA has now gone live with the TOTW 48 for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The big surprise is that there’s no place for Coutinho as many had predicted but there is a slot for Yaya Toure who now has an amazing 91 card to get.

As a result, we can bring you one of the first Yaya Toure 91 reviews for FIFA FUT, as some players have already decided to drop coins on it.   

If you don’t realize, this new card is seriously good and with a 91 rating he is now up there with the highest rated players in the game and arguably the best attacking midfielder in the game now with this card.



Take a look at the stats below just to get an idea, the images from FUTHead compare Toure’s default 86 FIFA 15 card with the new 91 rated card.

There’s a huge difference in stats as you can see. How many other players in the game can say that they have five main stats all above 90 – not many at all, especially for a midfielder!

If you manage to get Toure 91 in a pack on FIFA 15 FUT then consider yourself very lucky indeed and this is going to turn your team into something rather special.

If you have this card already, give us your thoughts on it but you can check out the video below for the main review.