10 Best Clubs in FIFA 15 - Barca, Juventus and Real Madrid

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Now that your thumbs are sore from practice, it’s time to choose the best club in FIFA 15.  EA Sports’ newest football game offers plenty of teams from all over the world, but only a handful are dominant. On that note, here are the 10 greatest clubs in the game.   

10. Bortussia Dortmund  

These talented guys play for the German Bundesliga and we consider them a top pick.  Bort commands respect on the field.  They are a quality team in real life and seem to be equally good in FIFA 15.  Don’t let them slip beneath your radar.  



9. Bayern Munich 

Another Bundesliga pick, Bayern is considered the best German team right now.  Considering half of the squad played on the 2014 World Cup winning squad, you can assume they bring a lot of talent to the table.  The only reason they don't rank higher on this list is because they are an aging team, and speed and stamina have become issues.  

8. Paris Saint-Germain 

Otherwise known as PSG, Paris Saint-Germain is a powerhouse in the French soccer league known as  Ligue 1.  There are a lot of high points about this team and we’ll touch base on two.  The monster of a forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic partnered with the club’s newest acquisition David Luiz (defender) from Chelsea fame.  This allows the team to control both ends of the pitch.  

7. Atlético Madrid 

Currently first in the Spanish Football League, La Liga, Atletico is a very fast, very skilled team.  Thier Chemistry is high and they work well together.  What they lack in golden players they make up for with beautiful teamwork. 

6. Juventus  

Juventus is a Serie A staple team.  We consider them to be the best team in the Italian league today.  They are very fast and have amazing ball control.  If you are looking for a team capable of tip-toeing around defenders, give these guys a shot.  That said, you’ll need to deal with the bad press that comes from playing as arguably one of the dirtiest squads in football.  

5. Manchester City 

One of the English Premier League’s best teams, Man City is stacked with high value players.  City is so well off that you could make a whole team up of their second string and have a grade A club that could hold its own.  With Frank Lampard on loan from NY City FC,  they might be unstoppable.  



4. Liverpool  

Liverpool is a strong contender this year in the EPL to go all the way.  They have been middle ground in England the last few years, but only seem to be getting stronger, even with controversial player Luis Suarez biting a guy at last summer’s World Cup.  

3. Real Madrid  

Real is a spectacular squad to say the least, one of the best in La Liga in our opinion. They are known for their footwork and ball handling, and can blow right past you with unbelievable speed and precision.  Pulling them all together is world famous Cristiano Ronaldo, Golden Boot winning monster.  This man could probably score on you from anywhere.  

2. Chelsea  

Chelsea’s roster is essentially an all star squad.  Not one part of their team is a weak link.  A very solid back line, versatile midfield and who some consider the best striker in the EPL, Diego Costa.  People say money can’t buy happiness, but apparently it can buy one of the best soccer teams in the world.  

1. Barcelona  

What is there to say?  People who know nothing about soccer have heard of Barca, or at least one of their All Star players, Lionel Messi.  Messi can do unbelievable things on a soccer pitch.  He isn’t the only weapon on Barca, either. Messi’s young prodigy, Neymar, is almost as good and should only improve.  Expect to see this team a lot when you play online.  It is by far the closest thing to perfection outside of an Ultimate Team.  

Who are your favorite clubs in FIFA 15?