5 Non Gameplay Tips that could help You Get Better Performance in FIFA 15

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/23/14 05:48:56 Views: 1470

Camera Settings - Ideally you should want a zoomed out view. The more of the pitch you can see the easier it is to play. Being able to spot runs and passing options is vital for playing against high pressure opponents in the top divisions whilst in possession. It also works great for defense as you are able to spot and track runners easily either blocking channels or intercepting passes. I run a custom version of the Tele Broadcast, 17 height and 3 zoom.

Custom Tactics - Probably the biggest game changer that so many people overlook. I have mine tailored for high aggressive and attacking play with an emphasis on passing and movement. Formation and play-style are the main factors you need to take into consideration here, it's probably best if you play around with them to find out what best suits you.

Player Instructions - These when combined with custom tactics are what can make a team. People often complain that wide players are useless in this game but if you set them to cut inside/get in behind they become deadly. Similarly having a ST with 'get in behind' is devastating as well especially when combined with high positioning. In two ST formations only select one of them to play this role. Always have a CDM with Stay back whilst attacking, if you use two there's no need for both to have it.

Player Indicator - Setting the players name as the indicator instead of gamertags is a big help as it saves you looking to the bottom of the screen to see who you and your opponent are controlling. It might only save a split second or two but it's very handy for players with generic appearances who are hard to recognize.

Commentary - After a week or so I always find the FIFA commentary extremely annoying and repetitive, especially when you get bullshit calls from the ref and they agree with him or you keeper palms a pea roller out for a corner and it's a 'great save'. I find I play a lot better and relaxed with music on instead, if anyone wants a nostalgia kick you can find old FIFA soundtracks on Spotify.>


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