Feasibility Suggestions to FIFA 15 Game Issues

fifa15-coin Date: Jan/27/15 17:34:09 Views: 1551

Just a constructive post of a few issues that i have noticed in and amongst these forums that are constantly overlooked (and have been in the game for years), all in a constructive manner.




- Blind passing: One of the biggest flaws of the game, and reasons why the game is so fast and lack of skill is needed, a player should only be able to pass in his sight of vision, therefore clever play is needed by actually having to control the ball first, turn, then pass, rather than just holding the pass button for a player to turn 180” instantly and make a perfect pass.



(Very high Error should be applied to the Red areas)


- Driven / Lofted Goal Kicks: You can hold down / up on the analog stick during Free-Kicks to either drive the FK or loft it high into the air (Great for playing with a target man - Andy Carroll for example), so why not apply this to Goal Kicks too? That way teams playing with a target man can loft the ball high into the air towards Carroll looking for him to knock it down to a team mate, or drive the GK up field to look for a flick on.


- Slow everything down! For the love of God, the game is like basketball! I play offline only, and even with the game speed set to slow, and reduced sliders for player speed & acceleration, the game is still too fast! God only knows how people cope online with the game speed to set to normal and no use of sliders!? The problem I think is that players move too fast and unrealistically, their agility seems set to 1,000%, and also players move too fast when not sprinting, the pace for players movement when not sprinting needs slowing right down! At the moment players can hold the analog stick and walk right through the opposition and score without even pressing sprint, nevermind when actually sprinting!


- Default Camera Angle: Why isn't this editable? It's just set as "default", it doesn't even have a name so we cant edit it?


Career Mode:


- Loans: Why do my players play against me that are loaned out? They should be unavailable, same goes for players I've signed on loan, I shouldn't be able to select them when I come up against their parent club.


- Injuries: Please add the option of turning them Off, I know injuries exist in real life but for us that just want to play games with our best players its annoying to start a brand new CM and get 2 games into the season and Bale is out for 6 months? For those who don't mind them, then they can keep them turned On, but please at least give us the option to turn them Off if we want too.You could even have the following options.On, Off or Short-term only (Minor injuries which aren't longer than 4 weeks) 


- Substitutes: International games should have 12 named substitutes, but you can only use 3 for competitive games and 6 for friendlies, you do know this, right? Please fix this.


You should also be able to name 12 subs for club teams for pre-season friendlies.


- Disable Transfers For 1st Season: Just like you have an option to disable the first transfer window, add one that disables them for the first season (So no transfers until the following summer) 


Edit Player:


- Winter Gear Bug: When we so much as change a players boots, edit his stats or appearance, then that player then loses his winter gear, and seeing as there is no option of winter gear in the menu, were stuck with the player wearing what we save him in once edited.(no undershirt) This bug has existed for over 4 years now, and there is absolutely no excuse for it to have not been fixed (or even patched) by now.


(Why add new boots into the catalogue when we cant put them onto players because of the above mentioned winter gear bug? Its great you've added them, but I cant put Falcao's new boots onto him without him losing his undershirt? We know you update appearances in the squad updates every Friday but you miss a lot, and sometimes don't update some players for weeks, if at all, so we would please like the option to correct appearances ourselves without being penalised for doing so!)


- Wrist Tape: This is in the game, as I've seen players like Di Maria wear it, but in Edit Player the only options we get is a hand bandage and sweat band? If wrist tape is in the game add it to Edit Player!


- Tight Kits: Another issue seems to be when a player plays for a team who wears a Tight Kit (Podolski at Arsenal for example), he has now been transferred to Inter Milan but continues to wear a Tight Kit, even though Inter don't wear them? Funny thing is, when you go to Podolski, then look under Tight Kit, there is a Team Default option? Which should be applied to all players who play for team who wear them! Or set Tight Kits to the team rather than individual players!? The other funny thing is you've added the “Team Default” option, but not applied it to the players for the teams who wear these kits? This is basic, basic logic.


- Wrong Sleeves: I've recently updated De Gea's boots (because you haven't updated them in the squad update) and he now wears short sleeves all year round even though I have him set to wear long sleeves!


- Revert a Player to Default: When we save a player, we cant them revert him back to his default appearance? So if we notice these bugs (Winter Gear & De Gea examples) and save him, were stuck with how he has been saved, a simple “Default Player” option wouldn't go a miss...


Edit Player Summary:


This is how Edit Player should look with the new options:


Tight Kits: Off, On or Team Default (And I suggest setting this option to the actual teams who wear these kits not the individual players who play for them, so set tight kits to Arsenal and not their players like Podolski for example) 

Undershirt: Off, On or Winter Only (Setting it to On would see players wear it all year round, like Rooney does, and Winter Only would wear short or long sleeves in the summer, and an undershirt in the winter - which is essentially the Winter Gear option) 

Wrist Tape Left: Off or On 

Colour: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Same As Kit (whatever the default kit colour is, this would get round players like Reus who wears yellow when playing in Dortmunds home kit, and black when in their away kit) 

Wrist Tape Right: Off or On 

Colour: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Same As Kit 

Sweat Band: Same as above ^ 

Hand Bandage: Same as above ^ 

Default Player: Yes / No 


- Game Face: Why cant we use Game Face to apply a created face for generic players? That way the community could create a lot of faces for players who don't have one, and share them? And we should be able to give our manager a Game face too when we start a new CM.


EASFC Catalogue


- Level System: Please scrap this! Just make it a credits based system, I have 10,000 FC Credits to use on items in the Catalogue, but cant buy them because I am not the correct Level? How does this make sense!? Isnt purchasing them with hard earned credits enough? 


- Financial Takeover: Why can we only buy this option in the Catalogue once? If we earn and have enough credits we should be able to purchase this as many times as we want! Who is it harming? Please fix this..




- No Offline Loan Option in Club Transfers: We can transfer players to other teams offline, but we cant loan them? Please add this option! Short-term, 6 months, full season and 18 months should be the Loan time options.


These are just a few of the many, many things I could play through the game and find that shouldn't still exist in the game, please spend more time on the game as a whole for FIFA 16 and future titles (and not Ultimate Team) to eradicate many of the flaws that currently plague this title so it can move forward positively, actually playing through the game yourselves as devs may help you notice many of these issues that have existed for many years, so you can then fix them before you release games and not ignore them for years..