FIFA 15 Team of the Week Offers Lukaku, Muller, Fernandinho

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/20/15 23:26:01 Views: 1634

The development team at EA Sports is offering fans of the Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 access to a new Team of the Week package, which is designed to introduce some of the players who have performed well for their clubs during the past seven days, including Lukaku, Muller and Thiago Silva.

The attacking line of the first eleven is led by Lukaku, who delivered an impressive performance for Everton and led his team to victory, but it also includes Gignac and Aboubakar.

When it comes to the midfield, the Team of the Week offers access to players like Mkhytarian, Musona, Fernandinho, and the superb Muller.   

The EA Sports-selected defensive line has its own solid players, featuring Matip, Biancho and Thiago Silva.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Enyeama.

There are also seven substitutes that gamers can use to plug any holes that their Ultimate Team might have.

EA Sports has made the Team of the Week an important feature for fans of the series because it offers gamers a chance to discover players that they might be otherwise unlikely to recruit into their own starting eleven.



FIFA 16 is bringing some changes to Ultimate Team

The biggest addition is the all new Draft experience, which is designed to offer a faster and more exciting mode for gamers who want both variety and interesting challenges.

Initially, they will have to choose a tactical setup and a captain and they will then have to fill their 23 man squad by using one of five random available options, with players evolving in terms of stats based on their real world performance.

Once the team is complete, gamers will be able to take part in four-match tournaments that can deliver a wide variety of rewards.

For the core Ultimate Team experience, FIFA 16 is also introducing tweaks to the use of items and making the transfers more realistic, allowing more players to get access to superstar players.

EA Sports is also talking about improved security for accounts and more measures that will ensure that cheaters are unable to disrupt the balance of the mode.

FIFA 16 is at the moment set to arrive starting on September 22 and can be played on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, with older home consoles also getting access to Legacy versions.